Steve's GT-R Build Thread

Steven Lobel

Getting ready to put on headlight covers. Tape, drill, rivnut.
From Mcmaster Carr I have 1/2" 1/6" thick weatherstrip.
Already have from prior order is 6-32 screws and a countersink bit:
Will tape the covers in place, tape over where I intend to drill, drill in place for all 5-8 holes or whatever is needed through plexi and body.
Then I will install rivnuts in body and take care of gentle countersink in plexi. Hope I don't crack my covers. But then, I'm finished.





Steven Lobel

Good days and bad days.

2021-08-29 12.54.20.jpg

Despite me drilling the wrong size holes I got the headlight covers on. Awaiting the correct hex head screws to finish it. No cracks in lexan yet.

The bad:

Alternator not charging. New 8301AN for Chevy Silverado from Carquest. Fits perfect. But with car running was only getting 12V. Needed to jump start twice. Will see if Advance Auto can test it or replace it with limited lifetime warranty.

Idler pulley was a dud. It is in the pic above the water pump and next to AC. It was a little bit smaller than the other two on the front dress, and I think narrower between front groove and front end. 2 belts shredded in under 200 miles.

Open to suggestions on both of above. I did have a replacement pulley and installed it. Things look like they line up.
Found another AC leak in the front between the drier and the bulkhead fitting. Redoing a crimp this week.

I thought I was done and ready for Caffeine and Octane. Can still drive it, but will bring trailer in case. Also some front end rattles and one of my lower control arm bolts was very loose. Going to re-torque the entire front end again. Ugh.

Wires in loom to close to headers. On top side was cam sensor wire and alternator 1 wire. Now in heat shield and rerouted. Slightly melted, but loom took the beating. Under the cat was the starter ground. Insulation melted. Got to cover and heat shield it. The starter + cable was too tight on the CV shield and got it wrapped now.

Going to remove headers and get ceramic coating at some point.

2021-08-29 13.20.02.jpg

2021-08-29 13.12.38.jpg

2021-08-29 13.08.30.jpg

1 day at a time.

Joel K

Steve, the car looks great! Ken Roberts posted this link in Johan’s SLC thread regarding PWM controlled alternators which may be your issue.


Steven Lobel

Steve, the car looks great! Ken Roberts posted this link in Johan’s SLC thread regarding PWM controlled alternators which may be your issue.

2021-09-03 15.48.19.jpg

The above pic is showing the 12V to 5V converter and the PWM. If you look at the wiring I have the yellow wire in the incorrect position in this picture. Yellow is V+, black is ground, will run a wire from PWM to alternator L tab (tab closest to 1 wire lug).

Steven Lobel

Recrimped a front AC line off the dryer as it sprung a leak. Hoping that will be it.
Added heat shield to starter wire.
Will fire it up and test alternator output. Might add R134 and see what happens.
Then loading onto trailer for C&O.

Steven Lobel

Been a bit. Pulley problem was not just the undersized idler. My Katech adjustable idler loosened up from the Superlite mount. It was leaning forward 5-10 degrees. Took it off, cleaned it up, bolted back in tight. Hopefully all is right with belt now.


Removed the exhaust system and wrapped the pipes to the muffler. Used VHT primer and paint on manifolds. Not real way to wrap these things. Jet-Hot is better, but they wanted $1000 for manifolds and a total of 6 feet of pipes (about 3 feet per side).

2021-10-02 08.51.54.jpg

2021-10-02 09.21.11.jpg

2021-10-02 15.04.28.jpg

Tomorrow should have it buttoned up and running. Want to add foam tape to H-Crafts front wheel well liners to reduce a little vibration. Have to JB weld on some zip tie tabs for my mesh.

Steven Lobel

Loose front dress or something. Another belt thrown. Got a 1/2" shorter belt. Going to go over every bolt on the front of the motor and see if something has loosened up. Ugh. Keep pluggin away.

Steven Lobel

Able to swap out the belt. I was able to downsize to a K060798.

80 3/8 outside length.
A full 3/4" from prior K060806.
Certainly able to get more tension on this one.
Hoping my belt was just too loose the entire time.
Proof in the test run later this week.