SuperCar Event at Top Gear Track

A few interesting cars at the Supercar Event at the Top Gear Track over the weekend. All in aid of local Children's charity.
McLarens were 2 a penny, Bling Lambo, Nice E Type,GTR pounded round track by Max Chilton in the lunch break.


Paul, is it just me but in the last photo do you see what I see. There's a GT 40 MK 1 (yours!) 50 years on still looking tasty and not out of place in a field of modern machinery. God I'm glad I own a GT 40. What a car!
Hi Jimmy,
You are quite correct sir!
The Blue 40 is indeed my pride & joy.
And as you say it (along with most GT40s I'm sure) still turns heads & is a match for some of the bling masquerading as cars.
The 40 shape must have something special as it is just about the only car that I have ever heard described by many females as beautifull (& without refering to the colour:laugh:). Sorry girls, but I just tell it as I hear it :uneasy::uneasy::uneasy:
The blue E-type belongs to a very good friend if mine and is truly an epic car, with great history and provenance. I love that car so much...
Very sweet!
I agree, after so many years the GT40 still fits in with all the supercars, or for some is still in a leake of its own ;-)