Superformance Forum to be discontinued

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Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I visited the Superformance Owners' Forum website, and my best guess is that they're trying to increase their membership revenues which range from $60 to $95 per year.

Superformance Owners Association

You can't access any of their technical information without joining and paying the annual fee. The information doesn't seem to be specific to GT40s, so I'm guessing much (or most) of the information is for Cobras and not GT40s. But as long as their owners are using this Forum to share and information, it's keeping their membership revenue down on their site while they're paying some money to keep this Forum active.

Understand that the "Superformance Owners Forum" (SCOF) is privately owned and while associated with Superformance does not have financial ties with Superformance, two different owners.

SPF has paid GT40s for the forum so that is not the issue.
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Well, there it is. Get together you SPF chaps and host your own sub-forum and have all the info put there.

Job done.

Maybe someone said something to upset them? Nah.. that wouldn't be like you lot would it? :laugh:
I remember finding that forum years ago and was surprised then that it looks like technology from the mid 90s. Doesn't look like it's changed much. They seem to be mostly focused on Cobras. What stops us SPF owners from just posting here in the standard GT40 sections? I don't see how SPF gets anything from this site and I don't think we as owners get anything from them from this site. Then again, it's what $425 for them to keep this section sponsored? Times must be tough if that is busting the bottom line. Maybe they will quite making the GT40 and our cars will skyrocket in value :)

....Or maybe we dump our cars on the world would that affect the new car market?
so the question is, how do we keep this intact and rename it the P2xxx owners forum or something like that? I know there are some other name offerings that could be created. Those ISIS fighters caused all the problem I suspect.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor

I just had a call from Irvine (center of the SPF universe) and there has been a slight misunderstanding amongst those who control such things.

The forum will remain active. I repeat, the forum will remain up as soon as Ron responds to the emails sent from SPF HQ.

I will be resigning as moderator. At this time I do not know who will be appointed as the new mod. Perhaps if any reader is interested they may apply for the job. I trust they will do a better job than I in this task. I wish whoever takes over good luck and Godspeed.

If I can help any member in any way, SPF owner or not, I will try my best.

It has been an honor to serve and work with the posters here (well, 99 percent of them anyway!) and I will continue to rad and post here when I can provide a positive addition.
Thanks for your help for the years past. I did call. Left message.
Hopefully this will work itself out. I went back and looked again at the other site and remembered why I left it years ago in 20 seconds of looking.

Ron Earp

Hi Folks,

I'm traveling for the holidays and have limited access to much of anything. Don't worry, it seems that SPF will continue the forum and just details of if anyone will moderate it needs to be decided.

Rick's done a fantastic job of moderating the section. It hasn't needed much moderating at all since most all are well-behaved, but the few time it has he's done a very level-headed job without bias and I appreciate his efforts. He's done well for those that visit the forum and deserves a round of thanks.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all!



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Rick, you did a fine a job. Do you think I should apply?


I never met you but really enjoyed reading your posts and your moderating of this sub-Form was really well done. Anything like this is a labor of love, so let's hope the next person does as well.

Just wanted to say thanks.



Hey Rick, perhaps your final official act should be to retitle this thread as it's completely misleading & inaccurate! :laugh:

I'm sorry to see that you're resigning, care to comment on why?

Glad to hear that the SPF forum will remain active, I wouldn't have purchased my car without it. I have no interest in SCOF membership, so this is it for me.

I will say that it seems "odd" that this "misunderstanding" arose. Frankly, I suspect that this site is more valuable to SPF than they can possibly imagine. And I would be very disappointed if this forum were to be dissolved for any reason.
in the end would not all the post still be here under my spf vids or spf selling or spf engine issues and so on. it is nice for you guys to have its own spot but the bigger issue is that this site stays up and running to me.


Hmmm well, that sounds a bit loaded, but if it's any good to you I thought you made an excellent and completely even handed moderator - not an easy task when you have an "interest" in the product, but I guess that wasn't enough for some...

Hey ho, tomorrow's another day, and you are FREE! Free I tell you! Boy, that must feel good... :laugh:
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