Superformance MkII found! I ordered one from Rick.

I recently liquidated two of my collector cars and am now bird-dogging a replacement.

If you have been considering selling your Superformance GT40 MkII, then please contact me asap.

I have cash burning a hole in my pocket and am ready to travel to see a car. I may order one soon if I cannot find one to my liking. Thanks.

Doug Dyar
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Thanks for the links. I assume these cars are not still available due to the age of the ads, but I have reached out to the owners nonetheless. Thanks again for the leads.

Larry L.

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I believe the 1st one still is at the price requested.

The other I'm not sure about...but, I don't think it's been sold or taken off the mkt.
Still no luck finding a car for sale.

I'll spread my net a little wider.

I know the ad says MkII, but how about anyone with a Superformance, either MkI or MkII, for sale please give me a call asap.

Oh, and if you have an ad here for a car for sale and have changed your mind about selling, how about pulling your ad? Kinda frustrating trying to get ahold of the sellers only to find out they no longer want to sell.....
Thanks everyone for the leads. Not a lot of cars for sale out there right now.
I decided to order a new car through Rick Muck before the prices go up again.. The journey begins!