UN1 Output shaft on GTD

I had a problem during race track yesterday.

My right hand shaft connection with gearbox UN1 13 is completely turning lose at gearbox level.
I have a GTD with UN1 13 Turbo gearbox and would like to know what Part numbers I need to order (Renault;Ford and part number ?)

Herewith a pic what s wrong

Would appreciate forum members feedback.
Thank you in advance



Howard Jones

GT40s Supporter
You are going to have to take things apart and find out what's broke. Start with the side you think is turning free. Remove the driveshaft from that side and then pull back the boots and have a look. Let us know what you find (post pics) and we will go from there.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
My guess...... CV joint
Either circlip on end of driveshaft come off and pulled out of splines in center carrier, or somehow managed to shed the balls out of the CV!
Many thanks to all.
It is most likely the CV joint that is broken.
Are they easy to find on market ?
Looks like Ford Granada CV joint (10mm bolt).

If its the Granada 100mm CV, Ill have those for sale as I don't use them. Bought them in error for a Capri driveshaft.
I Have them listed on facebook marketplace.
€110 for both (2 cv joints).
I am at Spa Classic now for the weekend and can't help you till monday as I don't have them with me.