Vintage Mustang Build 1967-70

Ron Scarboro

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Jay, a friend of mine and I were discussing a vintage mustang build from a dynacorn shell (over a beer or 12). He and I were noodling how many man hours would be in such a project with the facts below:

Reasonably experienced mechanic
Paint and exterior panel fitment performed by an expert.

You see this stuff on the car shows all the time, but I honestly have no idea.

I do figure you'd have $60-$90 grand in such a build.

Any experiences or guesstimates? Though not a GT-40, I figured with the talent and experience on this forum a good estimate could be had.


We have a dymacom shell ( 68 fastback ( Bullit )on a boat from Long Beach to London at this moment, and full build will commence this autumn. It will be interesting to see how we do. Frank


Ryan and did exactly that. 1965 mustang starting with a fastback "shell".

Took ten months of fairly intense work. Did all the work ourselves except the final paint and the engine. You should be able to easily do it for the prices estimated if you get some parts from a donor, although we used mostly new parts.

I have a "book" on the subject that touches on the highlights. Happy to send a copy if you provide me with a mailing address.

A few pics are posted on my GT build blog
i did the same few years back , but i used a 67 mustang fastback
it took me 18 months or so i cant remember

i would not requirement starting with a daynacorn shell , because you will need to buy all the parts new , depending on what kind of a mustang you want parts including the engine could cost from 40K to 100K .
i would suggest that you find a rust free 67 or 68 fastback with a title and use some of the parts like the rear glass , windshield door windows, interior . 9" rearend.
replace the suspension upgrade the brakes engine and tranny .
believe me , been there done that , you will save a lot .
and the most important thing is that you still own an original fastback with a fastback title ,not some newly produced shell with no vin ..


Ron Scarboro

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Thanks for the feedback. Great advice on the dynacorn shell. There are a number of restored shells on ebay with VIN's. Any opinions on that direction?

I started this discussion on a whim, but I'll admit it is very intriguing to build a Modern GT into a vintage body. I talked to the guys at Detroit Speed and they've built the pieces to jam a modular motor into that body style.

If I contracted out the body work, paint and suspension, welding, etc..
But did the mechanical, electric, plumbing, brakes, engine installation, interior, trim, etc. I wonder what the man hours would be. I've heard many GT-40 Quotes at 400 hours. Is this accurate? Does that include body fitting? I would think a vintage Mustang would be less.

I know results will vary, just trying to figure what I would be getting into. Thanks for the opinions and advice.



Rick Muck- Mark IV

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We used to do this sort of work in my prior restoration business, feel free to call me to discuss.

Plan on at least a 50% cost overun if you do a budget. Also COMPLETELY build the car and then disassemble for paint. I can't tell HOW many ways not doing that will bite you in the arse!

Again, I can offer some cost and worth every penny!