Want to stop a telemarketer from calling? Here’s how

Doug S.

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Once you’ve identified the call as coming from a telemarketer make a note of their phone number on your caller ID...then sit down and start calling that number. As soon as it’s answered hang up. Keep doing that until the telemarketer realizes that you’re never going to answer. It may take 10 or 15 minutes for them to realize what you’re doing, but once they do they’ll stop calling. IMHO it’s a great way to deal with the telemarketer’s unwelcome calls...it has certainly worked for me!!!
This is another smart solution ; Specialy with home static phone ( but works also with mobile)
have all your friends ( the good ones but also the "episodics"ones !! and family numbers) named on your phone list data
sample ; your mom or watever name the number to be read on the screen "MOMY" etc etc
Then do a fake with the answering machine ; "Goog morning to you , please enter the code to be able to let a message , if you do not know the code
so try to get it and good luck" ( advise all firiends and family that is only for fun and Telemarketer barriere!!!)
When you get a call and do not recognise who is calling because it is only a telemeketer computer which calling so you do not have any "name on the screen only number , let ring for some rings and do not answer
Doing that for some weeks Telemarketers computers disconnect your number from their list and you will be coming back to "old days " relaxing with stupid calls
If by chance some follow calling just note their number ( some do not change often number) and stop them with your "black list" ; I have this function on my home phone ( bought for few euros a static one with this very usefull function , 35 numbers can be listed and blocked)

I got this idea ( and works so well for me since ayear !!) watching TV when some one was expalaing that they manufactured and sell phones with
that "code fonction" for real ; but that stuff was very very pricy !!!!!! and you needed really to give acode to every one you selected to be ok to call you !!

Terry Oxandale

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I had one call about a car I used to own. Spent some time discussing the rates, what was insured and what wasn't, options I had available, and picking through it all as if I was interested. Then came the question I had to ask...If I ran off the road, would the insurance pay for the tow back. He noted a limit on that tow charge. That's when I said it would only be less than a mile or so, back to the paddock. That's when he ended the call after 20' of negotiating.

Ian Anderson

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Brother in law had a conservatory salesman call on a late Sunday afternoon. So he discussed with him all the design features they required, the costs, specific lighting, triple glazing yada yada yada. He then asked if they would do the planning work for the council included within the agreed price, and the salesman said yes he could, to which Mile said, that is fantastic let’s go ahead, you do know we are in a third floor flat? Click.....salesman busted!

Howard Jones

Do you get extended warranty calls for your car? Something like " your warranty on your car is about to run out bla bla bla press 1 to get information. Press 1 and when the young lady comes on the line ask for which car and she will tell you. Then you say..............Oh............... that car........it burst into flame and killed that guy....................click.


Different theme but I once had a call from one of the coffin chase no win no fee scum....Woman hit my car at the petrol station so two weeks or so later I get a call about the recent accident, normally I hang up with short thrift but fancied a wind up, she asked about the accident, did I have any pain and I said yes a back neck and shoulder, her tone changed right away as she saw £ signs I guess, she asked what exactly I was doing at the time of the accident to which I replied "Buying 2 ice creams a bag of Revels and a 4 pack of Scrumpy Jack cider"
Somewhat shocked she asked further info at which point I told her I was at the till at the time of the accident, the woman drove away and clipped the side of my Jeep whilst I was buying said essentials, when she said about the bad neck, etc I simply replied "yes I have had that for months now not sure what caused it"
She did have a chuckle but happy to waste some of her time!!
I work for a major UK Telecomms company, the ones I like are from scammers claiming to be from the technical department of the company I work for. My record so far is 15 mins until I told them I was in the International Operations Centre of the company they claimed to be from. They seemed to get very annoyed that I just laughed and told them I had seen my parents wedding certificate and they were married to each other 2 years before I was born so I could not possibly be what they were suggesting. They got even more angry when I assured them my mother did not earn a living doing what they said she was. Think the final straw for them came when I laughed at their accusation that I had wasted their Fu%&^ng time, and pointed out the irony as they had in fact rung me, fun while it lasted :)