What's happening in the USA ?

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Brian Kissel

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The short version, is it isn't good. They tried to take the US capital, and at one time, a few months ago, tried to kidnap our Governor and storm our States (Michigan) capitol also. Got any room for 1 more over there ???? Maybe 2, I might bring my wife also.
Stay tuned, there will be tons of opinions coming. I don't want to get things too political.

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I do not care if your a democrat nor do I care if your a republican, as a former military officer, I am saddened and embarrassed as an American. That was not what this country was created for, not a reflection of democracy, not a reflection of professionalism. Peaceful protest is demanded and respected. In fact I would suggest many countries would be envious of peaceful protest. I suspect there were a hand full of countries that really enjoyed the horrible display. I love this country and now having been on this cite for a bit know there are many from different countries that visit here regularly. On behalf of the United States of America, and I was not even close to DC, I sincerely apologize for that display and trust 2021 brings us all stability, safety and some compassion for everyone's rights,

Scott t
Division and denial of democracy is not unique to the States. We've had it here in the UK too. It's a modern phenomena, perhaps driven to some extent by social media. It's getting worse. Whatever one thinks of Mr Trump, could anyone truly say he was treated fairly and with respect by the media and those who get listened to on social media during his term? Same here with BREXIT, same here with Boris and the COVID response. Far too much negativity and political games being played at every opportunity. If we want to continue to live in democracies then we are all going to have to accept the results of democratic votes and swallow our pride if we don't agree with them. Fair and respectful criticism is fine but we will all be stronger if we get behind our respective governments in a constructive way whatever we think of the individuals. The alternative is not pretty nor enjoyable!

Rant over, now I'm going to work on my GT! Taking the flywheel to the machine shop today. The 302 is being bored and balanced ready for rebuild. Gearbox is ready (UN1), new LSD, high ratio 5th gear. AP clutch on the bench waiting for the engine along with load of parts, heads, cam, manifold etc. Perhaps that's part of the problem, maybe some of these people need a consuming hobby!!

Larry L.

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Just one man's observation:

Many of the same people who are now screaming bloody murder in self-righteous indignation over the U.S. Capital "riot" are the very same people who have either kept silent, supported, or made excuses for the never-ending riots, looting, ransacking, arson, shootings, physical assaults, defacing and toppling of statues and monuments and, yes, the vandalism of FEDERAL courthouses that have been going on nightly for months now in cities such as Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, et al. Officials in a couple of these cities have even allowed anarchists to take over and occupy many square blocks of their cities. There's just no excuse for any of it.

Personally, I was totally disgusted by what went on in D.C. - just as I have been and continue to be disgusted by senseless violence that has been allowed to happen in cities such as the aforementioned. There's no 'righteousness' in any of it.

involved on either side flat-out needs to stand down. Period.

Randy: if you believe this post has gone too far, please simply delete IT rather than locking the thread. Thanks.
Hi everyone,

We have learnt this morning that very sadly a Police Officer has now died following these events.
He was just doing his job & had to be there, unlike the people who caused this scene.
Many of our spineless politicians are calling for action and pointing fingers attempting to separate themselves. Those spineless cowards have pushed the Wack job’s agenda for 4 years and are just as guilty.

Kevin L

What is happening here? It isn't good.... that said we have had situations where things have not been good in the past and we have changed course (e.g. McCarthyism, social unrest during late 60's, Civil War, etc).

I believe the nonsense that is social media and 24x7 biased news channels are supercharging negativity on all sides and continues to polarize... that and conspiracy theories don't really help.

I don't believe this country's (USA) emotional sentiment will change materially in the next three months but I do hope to have a bit more stability... we shall see.

It really sucks to be an individual in a country where you are on one team or the other and there is no in-between, society is too nuanced.


Terry Oxandale

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Social media is doing what was intended...joining people of like thinking, and allowing them to converse. But like any technology, what society does with it is a far cry from what was envisioned in its creation. What social media creates is an echo-chamber, in which natural attrition eliminates any dissenting viewpoints. Humans are flawed....period. We "find what we are looking for", and objectivity becomes completely removed in social media circles. What's worse is we can challenge ourselves to work hard toward some kind of subjectivity, but we are either too lazy to do that, or we just lose all empathy for the other perspective. I'm hugely embarrassed at this point in our government (but have been for some time now), this country's electorate's inability to see some people for who they are, or even worse, accepting that person's hugely, HUGELY flawed character for more selfish personal motives or gains. We deserve what we get, and this was a perfect example. It didn't "happen" to us...we did this to ourselves.
^ spot on. The NY business community knew who and what he was - incompetent, and egotistical. I hope we are not witness to a slow march into national socialism, complete with burning down the Reichstag.

Terry Oxandale

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And what makes this even more hurtful for me, is that there were multiple Republican candidates very worthy of this countries votes....but instead the party chose what will probably go down in history as the worst candidate, and then elected President of all time. Just mind boggling. We ask ourselves, how could a person (for a more extreme example, Hitler) possibly be a popularly supported person placed into a leadership role, and then all we have to do is look back to 2016, and look in the mirror.


Good responses guys and thanks Randy -- just your opinions or info as we (Australia) is a close follower of the USA and we are concerned about the possible out come and we have China banging on our door
The lawlessness appears to be a trapped rats scenario or is the pandemic to blame ?
We wonder about the choice of president, it seems that the requirement is to be a movie star or a celebrity of some sort
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