Wheels Air Pressure?

can someone tell me how much air pressure I should pump into the tires? I have a Tornado with 15" wheels and Avon tyres. Thanks Frank
Hi Franky, Start with 27 on the front and 31 on the back, after that experiment after doing a bit of driving and getting a feel for cornering etc.


Mike Pass

GTD settings from build manual

Tyre pressure F 21psi R 23psi (Front 215.60X15 Rear 275/55X15 Avon cr6zz)

Best way to obtain a baseline may be to chalk the tires and adjust pressure to optimize contact patch. But someone with a great deal of experience told me good rule of thumb was a pound of air pressure for every 100lbs or vehicle weight would get you in the ballpark. From there you can alter pressures based on handling preference or tire wear.

Ian Anderson

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Just to throw something into the mix.

Hydroplanimg formula.
Square root of Tyre pressure in psi times 9 will be the max speed before aquaplaning.

Be warned when caught in a rain storm this is real!


Dave Hood

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I'm with Walt. 22 LBS on all four tires. That was the recommendation I received from Dennis Olthoff 7 years ago. Seems to work well.
I ran my Tornado GT40 on a skid pad and measured the tire temperatures on the inside, middle, and outside of the treads. I adjusted the pressure until I got a even distribution. I ended up with 15 psi front and 21 psi rear. My tires are 245/40 ZR17 front and 285/40 ZR17 rear.

I was with an original GT40 1083 at COTA. I think his pressures were actually that or lower. Of course his tires were wider.

Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas
26 front, 24 rear, and then drive until you see how the tyres wear. There's a lot of tyre and not much weight, so high pressures are not required.