Widebody RCR40

I have finally got this done and can now continue on the RCR40. 4.5 years of way more then I anticipated. LSx powered, mustang 2 front, 4 link rear, all that stuff.



This is a standoff molded to the top of the defrost vent that holds both the edge of the dash and the end pieces to make the dash removable
Wanted to do a different version of the front jack pickup points. Front pieces are cut from 3/8" stainless and all parts can be removed if I like
The front flares that RCR installed weren't right. The were off center and didn't cover the top of the tire. Also, the fender opening wouldn't let the tire turn a reasonable amount. Instead of just cutting the existing bodywork and hoping to get a shape that worked I decided to enlarge the fender and flare. I pulled a mold from the new shape.
Almost forgot. I made a carriage for the door handle. The concept isn't original. I made mine from 304 stainless and bonded them to the inside of the door. It makes the handle movement feel great, very smooth.