Wind deflectors for the gt40

I decided to do something about excessive heat build up in the cockpit on very hot days and the a/c on full chat, the car was not overheating , but I was.
I have today purchased from Frank Catt a pair of wind deflectors so that I can remove the side perspex and breath fresh air. I picked them up this morning and set to it when I got home.
There not finished , need painting and will be done in a few weeks but it shows how they look.
The first one took about 1.5 hours to fit the second about an hour.
They need only a minimum of fettling and I picked up on the existing Perspex holes with no trouble.
A little sanding and there now ready for the paint shop.
And not expensive, Frank Catt made these in only a couple of weeks.
I'll post some pictures of the finished job when done.


Very nice indeed... Interesting idea ! Will consider about purchasing a pair, could be useful here in the south of France, when sunny !

Do you have tried to drive with it ? Any feedback after use ?
I'm loving the look of those but how easy is the on/offability of the side windows, is it Likley to cause any damage?

Ian Anderson

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For the first two years I had my car I always drove it with the drivers window removed

Even without the deflectors it was surprisingly not windy in the car up to about 80mph, after that it did buffet a bit

I have rivnuts holding in my side windows. As I have a shared drive and a single garage I have to remove the window when leaving and entering the garage so I can reach in and steer the car in. Takes sour 3 to5 minutes to remove or fit the window. Shorter time is when in the rain!

Popped off the side windows a couple weeks ago. So nice driving with fresh air, especially this time of year. Cant believe had not done it before.

GT feels less claustrophobic too.

At highway speeds the breeze is not an issue.
I have yet to hook up my A/C(no condenser or controls) so I only use the side windows when it is cold??? There is just the slightest breeze at any speed. I have done several hundred miles in the last month or two and it is comfortable(warm but comfortable) and not a lot of wind noise either.