Wiper Motor Blows Fuse When Park Connected


Working though my SGT electrics, all pretty good will update build log soon, one issue, the park never worked on the wiper motor, slow and fats are fine but when turned off in ant position it never parked.
Now if I connect the Park wire to the switch it pops the fuse every time...Duff motor maybe? Cable is not shorted or anything
Park is on a separate wire usually,The wiper powers on one circuit but when you turn of it powers a separate circuit that passes through a split ring or slip ring with a break in it.
When the contact gets to the break the wiper motor stops.
I ran a separate relay to power the park circuit, so you have three circuits high,low and park I have a relay for all 3.
I think you are blowing a fuse because you are grounding or have a wire hooked onto the wrong circuit.

Maybe google how the park works and you will get an understanding of what you need to do to tackle it.


Tim Terry

Can you describe the grounding issue, please? I may need that kind of help on another project.


Hi Tim
I was not aware the wiper needed a park relay, the 5 pin is somewhat unclear, the park pin is not a feed that has a supply that cuts when it parks, it actually earths when it parks so on the odd occasion is was parked (on the bench) it blew the fuse

You need a relay to truly use the park function as per

There is quite a lot of stuff on the web about it but shout if you need anything more as my dash is not in yet so all is clear (ish!!)

Eddy McClements

Or a switch which in the off position, connects Park to the Slow speed pin.

This way, when you switch off the wipers, your motor continues to receive power to the low speed circuit, until the wiper arm reaches the "home" position at which point the internal park switch is disconnected.



ALL SWITCH POSITIONS - Terminals 1 and 7 made.
SWITCH POSITION 1 - 1, 7, 2 and 6 made
SWITCH POSITION 2 - 1, 7, 4 and 6 made
SWITCH POSITION 3 - 1, 7, 8 and 4 made

So you provide live feed on #4, slow to #6 and fast to #8 that should do the trick. At switch position 2, power will feed to slow, at position 3 power will feed to fast, and at position 1 (off) the park switch will be connected to slow, allowing the motor to self-park.

(Guess who's tackling wiring next job...?!)