Your first car was a ____________

Randy V

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Post up photos and story of your first car...
Mine was a 1951 Ford Club Coupe like the one in the photo.
Unfortunately I have no photos of the actual car thanks to my first wife have set fire to my belongings in the apartment parking lot..
Mine was black and gray primer. Flat-head V8 with 2 Stromberg 97 Carbs and a three speed Ansen floor shifter. It was loud, but in no way was is even remotely fast... I bought it for $50 with my Newspaper Route and Lawn-Mowing money.
It was only around a short time before it was hauled off by one of my Dad’s friends..


A 1962 VW 1500 Notchback. I bought it while I was a GI stationed in Germany and I ran around the Nurburgring in 14:52 on the old circuit. In East Germany and East Berlin the people did not yet know what it was or where it was made. I shipped it back to the States when I got of the Army in August 1963.

Mike Pass

1953 Land Rover Defender Series 1. Ex Forestry commission with 198,000 miles. Nicely run in! Well worth £65.

Larry L.

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1951 Chev 5-window business coupe (the model with the longer trunk lid)'216' 6-cyl "babbitt beater"...ANSEN floor shifter (Randy!)...tri-power...McGurk cam...Fenton headers...duel exhaust...Smithy glasspacks...chromed reversed wheels. Lowered 'a tad'.

'Have always wished I'd have opted to swap in a 283 'Mouse" instead (283s were the ONLY "mouse" back then). 'Had it on a 'local' dragstrip ONCE...'did the quarter in about 8 hours at about 15 m.p.h. SMH
In 1960 I bought my first car, a 1934 Singer LeMans open top car, the body was rotted out and not fix to the chassis, so it had a mind of its own when cornering, no brakes and the steering turned half a lock before any reaction at the wheels. But it was a 17 year olds first independence so it was great. It all went wrong when the engine mounting bolts sheared and we had to tie it back in with barbed wire from a local sheep field fence, then the government brought out the compulsory Ministry of Transport ( MOT ) tests for safety, and the car went to the local scrap merchant.

Ian Anderson

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It was in 1980, and I was 18. The car was a 1950 Morris Minor, the sort with the headlights down near the grill.
it had had an engine swap taking out the 850 side valve and replacing it with a 1000 overhead valve engine that had been seriously modified. It would spin to over 8000 and with the gearing meant it could top the 100mph mark on the long straight roads of Zimbabwe, good fun but without the brakes and steering to match! Youth and stupidity worked well together!
My first car was a 1966 Plymouth Fury III that I purchased for $350 in 1991. It was an all original, had the 360 in it with only 58,000 miles on it. It was a great first car for me at 16 y/o. It was a Florida Car and I put a $99 Earl Scheib paintjob on it. I have great memories from that car

Your first car was a ____________ sh!tbox 1985 Ford Tempo GL coupe.

I bought this turd second-hand immediately after graduating university, to get around and to teach myself to drive stick. It taught me a lot of other things in the process like what a curbsider is, how to use a screwdriver to open the carb when starting the engine, how expensive a cheap car can really be, what a pain it is to sell a car privately, and ultimately just how good the Japanese competition had gotten by 1991 (my Civic hatchback was absolutely bulletproof!).

Live and learn, they say...

Chris Kouba

"My" first car was given to me by my parents- a super-rough (ie, primer-covered rust bucket) 67 fastback Mustang with a 2 bbl 302 and automatic. I was a junior in high school and loved it though. My dad and I went through it one summer, doing a very redneck structural restoration on it and getting it all one color (dark blue). It served me well until I graduated from college whereupon I took the family wagon instead of the fastback when I moved across the country to OR upon graduation. The Mustang then sat in my parents' driveway for ~15 years until 2009, when it finally made the trip out west. It now sits, hibernating, waiting for me to "finish" the GT. At least it's indoors now.

The first one I bought with my own real money was an '87 5.0 LX notchback. I thought it was kind of cool that the two cars were exactly 20 year apart. The motor was stock but I did bushings, camber plates, 16" factory wheels, FMS springs, decent shocks/struts, couple of other things... Great car, super simple, nice and quick. Looked almost exactly like this but this isn't it, and I think mine had a black belt, not the white one:


Both were great cars- dirt cheap and heaps of fun! I sold the LX when it came due for a clutch and I just didn't feel like dealing with it. I kinda regret that. Very glad to still have the fastback, although I need to actually do something with it.


My first car was a red Toyota MR2 (Not this one mine was a C plate) I worked long ago in the IT division for Toyota and they had a great company car scheme, we collected them the first day they launched in the UK, 3 of us collected all red with ascending number plates and drove down in the correct order on the M23, never seen so many heads turning as really the only mid engine car for ages had been the fiat X19, the MR2 was a pocket rocket, only 1600cc but flew and handled like a dream plus I could get my 6' 4" body in there with ease.....GT40 is a bit more of a challenge !!