1. L

    Louis' RCR MKII Build

    The adventure has already begun but here are a few pictures of the start. The "Forty", as it's known in the garage, is nesseled between a restored 1961 Renault Beach Car, my rebuilt 1983 Lotus Esprit and you can just see the nose of a Gen V Dodge Viper, affectionately known as the Torque...
  2. C

    How small is the SLC, pictures?

    I was wondering if you guys have any side by side pictures with other sport/exotic cars to post. On some pictures I see car appears very small. Does it look like that in person? I see the dimensions are pretty normal, it has to be the overall design that's playing games with my mind. :idea2:
  3. M

    Brake Light Switch

    Hello, Does anyone have some pictures (search can't find any), or recommendations for a brake light switch. I am inclined to go with a manual switch based on various reading. Thought about microswitch, that would maybe have some clearance issues and be in the way on the floor mounted pedals...
  4. R

    Identify This Replica If Possible

    Hi. New guy here. My buddy bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. We are trying to figure out who made the chassis. The car has never been on the street. It has a ZF 5-speed, new engine, Flaming River rack and pinion, chrome snake-nest exhaust--(says RS Type), Vintage Air AC...
  5. M

    48 Ida linkage

    I am just building up my 48 Ida carbs and manifold ,I have ended up with a center mount bell crank for a rear pull cable,I would like a side pull cable on the drivers side (English car) so if anybody has any pictures of side pull setups I could look at so I can decide wether to modify what I...
  6. Dwight

    Rear Clip heat shield pictures, please

    I need to mount studs to the rear clip (cam shell) of my RCR GT40 for a heat shield above the motor. I need pictures to give me an ideal. Please post your pictures or tell me what I need. Thanks Dwight P.S. car goes into the paint shop within the next couple of weeks.
  7. J

    Sled Driver

    Anyone read it? Worth the $275? The pictures look pretty amazing.
  8. M

    Wheel tyre combo

    Has anybody got pictures of the wheels and tyres on a wide body car,any pictures of avon 295 50 15 on a 12ins rims Thanks mark
  9. A

    Little gem hiding

    I was out on the west coast last weekend and stopped by Canepa for an open house/cars and coffee. I've seen pictures but had NO idea what that place contained. 917/30, 917/10's, 959's by the dozen, a god damn Mercedes W196R, 962's... I have no words other than AMAZING. But the largest...
  10. Doc Watson

    Pictures work!!!!!!

    Just tested and it works.... another test.... Yay, thanks Ron...
  11. P

    My Texas Title Experiance

    For those of you in Texas who have yet to title their cars, I just titled and registered my car here as a custom car Replica. It could not have been easier!! I just faithfully followed the instructions for a later model Replica (vs the pre 50s ). The biggest deal is I had to get a one time...
  12. T

    RCR40 MK2 pictures?

    Just wondering if anyone would mind to share some pictures of a RCR40 MK2? I've looked all over the website (RCR's and here) and only found a single rear 3/4 pic on one of the Fran's pages... Plenty of MK1 pictures, but I'm coming up short on finding MK2 pictures Thanks!
  13. P

    Alternator GTD

    Hi guys got a new alternator from Mick Sollis but bit confused on wiring please see attached pictures if anyone can help old alternator and new Cheers Paul
  14. P

    Struggling with the "human verification" on joining?

    Dear all, as this was a bit of a struggle for me I wanted to share this with other potential newbies just in case. And as this can be read without being a member, it might help one or the other. I have tried joining the forum multiple times, but I kept on failing on the "human verification...
  15. A

    GT40 Chassis 111

    Hello: About 10 years back I had the opportunity to drive GT40 111, the Whitmoore Le Mans car. I did not drive it in completion but on regular roads in traffic. I still cherish that drive. At the moment, being a photographer, I took a number of pictures. Unfortunately, about two years later, I...