Little gem hiding

I was out on the west coast last weekend and stopped by Canepa for an open house/cars and coffee. I've seen pictures but had NO idea what that place contained. 917/30, 917/10's, 959's by the dozen, a god damn Mercedes W196R, 962's... I have no words other than AMAZING. But the largest surprise by far was found lurking in the dark lower corner of his famous Hot Wheels car storage rack.

The GT40 garage find car!!!!!!!

You can certainly read all the articles from the past couple years detailing its history but I got all up in it. I took pictures of the areas people can never see on any other car. What great information this car provided.

If there is a time you are anywhere near Scott's Valley California around the time Canepa is having an open house (check their Facebook page) you NEED to stop. It's life changing for a car geek.


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