2018 Formula One

Ian Anderson

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Only seen the channel 4 stuff so not a lot of analysis

Max did seem to weave a bit, but the speed differential should have made him realise the Smiley one would get past.

But it is also the job of the overtaker to do it safely so some blame for Dan.

On balance I would say 35Dan 25 Max split and 40 team for not calling the shots

Somebody finally called Verstappen's braking zone bluff. A bit messy but, maybe the kid will stop pulling that cwap now.
From a neutral's point of view this was a great race to watch. Full of spins and thrills. Shame about the Dan and Max incident but didn't it spice things up for this race and a few to follow!

The one incident not yet mentioned was Grosjean's spin following the pace car. Did I hear Grosjean say he was hit from behind? The man really looks like an a total idiot now. Too many camera's around today Mr. G to think you can get away with trying to place blame elsewhere. Reminds me of that Indy incident years ago at the start. OOPS!

This Baku track is really growing on me too. What a stunning setting and such a scenic city.
Actually, I think it was one of the pit engineers that said he may have been hit from behind.

Grosjean is starting to look a little foolish always having brake problems and now this embarrassment...

Pete McCluskey.

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Re Max and Dan the stewards said they were both to blame and gave them both a reprimand. As Mesa said I’m also glad that someone has called Max’s bluff, he has done the weaving thing before, and Kimi and Seb have complained about him.

Terry Oxandale

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Pat! Pat! That was the best!

Anyway, before I was distracted by your post, I was going to say, "wouldn't it be something if MV was on the front row after qualifying, and then make yet another stupid-ass maneuver and take out the other front row driver at the first turn?
Just watched the saddest F1 interview I have seen for a long time.
Kentucky Fried F1 spoke at length about all the important things re’ F1 - celebrity, glamour etc etc.
He spoke about all the things they are doing to improve F1 - tracking spectators to see where better to put marketing stalls etc etc...
Didn’t mention racing once.
Give me back Ecclestone... never thought I’d say that.

As for Crash Verstappen. Ricciardo tried to pass him several times in the race, each time he gave Verstappen acres of room and each time Verstappen ran into him. Verstappen then pulls his signature illegal double block stunt and there’s a crash - I’m surprised Raikonen (among others) didn’t join Ricciardo after the race and start getting formal with the stewards.
There should be no children racing in F1 and no psychopaths either. Imo Crash Verstappen is both.
He will kill someone one day and then it will be too late.
If someone treats him as he treats others (and it has happened once or twice) he whinges relentlessly about how they ‘shouldn’t be allowed to do that’. He is not grown up enough to see his own hypocrisy.
Give him a go kart and keep him away from the other kiddies.


Terry Oxandale

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Qualifying at Monaco will probably be better than the race this year. With that said, I took a couple of photos during FP3 that I'm hoping someone on this site can explain. I've got some understanding of carbon parts, but this one befuddles me.

What are the white or clear looking fibrous strands (hair) shown in the photos for the upper control arm, or what used to be the upper control arm before it was destroyed by wheel impact with the armco. I've never noticed or seen anything like this.


Terry Oxandale

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At first I thought, nah, but then Googled tethers and sure enough, that's what it is. The tethers are made of a rope of fibers called Zylon, that is supposed to be very strong, and is encased in a wrap (which obviously was stripped away in the photo) to protect it from light (UV).
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Yes Pete you got that spot on! I watched both races and sent a text to my brother in England and stated the same thing as soon as the 500 was over. A GREAT day for the AUSSIES indeed!

Shame Monaco was such a bore but kudos to DR for getting his car home. Makes up for last year.