2018 Formula One

Couldn't agree more Pete. I believe I heard it discussed tires/tyres were to blame. They speculated since the tires were lasting so many laps there was only need to perform one pit-stop thus making the strategy pretty much non-existent. Bottom line, they've got to do something. I will say though we have 3-4 drivers in with a shout which is keeping things a wee bit more interesting.
+1 Pete. With out a doubt one of the best of the year and certainly what many of us were thinking about at the beginning of the year. Ferrari and Mercedes battling it out and boy did they in this one. Fantastic driving by the top four and the track showed why its one of the best (or the best on the F1 circuit). Lets have more of this!!
And today's quote of the day comes to us from Kimi Raikkonen's wife, Minttu, who put a post on Instagram saying: "If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet."

I suspect that may have had to do with LH's post race reference to his opposition's "interesting tactics".
I stopped watching F1 back in the early 90's....back when it wasn't all about about money and advertising....and a modestly funded team could still race somewhat competitively. And, back before all the electronic gizmos and other bs that diminish the skill (and risk) of/to the drivers.

I'd rather watch a re-run of Prost and Senna in action back in 1988.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Singapore qualifying was fun to watch, but then after the race first lap, and some questionable tire strategy for Vettle, the race was a bit of a snoozer. Still exciting enough to warrant the recording of the events.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I guess the best quote of the day for the Japanese GP was from Max, "...but Kimi could have waited for me to come back on the track..." in his defence of running off the track and then back across the track in nudging and almost pushing Kimi off the track. A child with a gun.