50 GT40s Photoshoot.

Glenn M

A Big WELL DONE to Paul and his band of helpers for all their organizing involved in pulling this off, fastidiously arranging the cars and for booking such a perfect day weather-wise!

Three cheers for them! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
And shame on those who let them down - Booo! :thumbsdown:

Thanks again!


Ditto comments above, a very enjoyable day out and very much looking forward to seeing the results when released. A lot of effort was taken to get it right so thanks again to those who made it happen.
Thanks guys - although this my idea originally, this was very much a team effort with Paul Brameld doing the lions share with me and Dick Townshend (Our inside man) who got us on the airfield as well as working pretty hard yesterday with us organising things. Also a big thanks to Dave Walton - Bruntingthorpes owner for allowing us to do this 'foc' and bringing his own car. The drone guys were incredible and also did this 'foc' along with Dr. John and Phil Sivell taking pics.

There was a bit of scary moment before we got started as the track was in use and maybe not letting us use it. This obviously got resolved along with a change of pants but did put us a bit behind on our schedule, so I apologise for the wait when you all first arrived.

I was so wrapped up in it all yesterday I didn't say thanks to everyone for turning up - so a "BIG THANKYOU", it was only possible as the 42 owners brought out their cars out to play.
There is a load of photo's and video to go through which will take a bit of time to collect/view.

First and foremost we are showing Peter Auto the main pic for LMC2016 - if it can be used in their promotions, so sadly I can't post any pics of that just yet in order to offer exclusivity to them. Take it from me, it did turn out pretty good ;-)
Also I'm going to cut together a bit of the footage from setting it up etc - not sure what to use it for yet, but I'll keep you all posted. If you did take any video footage on the day that could be used in it, get in touch. Anything from the owners coming into the gates to me running around like a nutter positioning the cars.

I doubt I'm alone in wanting a decent print for my wall of the "50" so I'll throw around a few ideas with the committee at the next meeting.........Cheers.
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Hi Paul,
Thank you for your kind words regarding my input BUT the project would not have happened if YOU had not had the idea and run with it. :idea::idea::idea:
Also without your attention to detail with the layout and placing of the cars the end result would not have been as perfect as it has turned out.
So all credit to you, "With a little help from your friends".:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Brian Magee

Thanks to all involved organising the day and the other 41 car owners/drivers that made effort to be there. Some of us had a quick glimpse from the drone of the set- up and it looked impressive, can't wait to see the piccies and video. It was a superb day catching up with old friends and meeting a few new ones. Well done all.

Ian Anderson

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Thanks for organising this - as Brain Stated it was great catching up with old and new alike

And Clayton - your trip needs a medal - he came all the way over from Australis just to be at the photoshoot and meet a few GT40 nutters! :thumbsup:

And can you ever have too many inches - here's a pic of the holding area


Ditto all the above comments. If you weren't there you missed a great event and a chance to see what may be largest gathering of GT40's in the UK in this lifetime!
Bravo everyone!
Now need to start sorting out the mass of photo's I took on the day.
The drone footage should be spectacular ..... just itching to see the results.
Thanks Paul W, Paul B and Dick Dr John and the Drone team for a great event .It was nice to meeting all my old and young friends. Especial thanks to Lee and Chris Edwards friend sorry I must apologize I did not get you name for the lifts. I congratulate Paul for his great idea!
Regards Allan


Thanks Ian
It was great to put faces to names and have a chin wag.

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to gate crash without a 40 in tow....
Was fantastic to see so many in one the place, had my 40 fix that day :thumbsup:
Another staging pic