Audi 016 to SBF Questions

Michael Holmes

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I have a question about the spacer / adaptor that was installed on my RCR 40, Audi 016 and Ford Racing 302. Should the spacer be used with a bushing installed in the back of the crank as seen in the photo, or tapped into the crank with no bushing as it appears to be the same diameter as the bushing in the original installation?

If you look at the larger diameter end of the adapter you will notice that the splines on the transmission output shaft are wearing a groove, this can't be good.

If it is recommended that I duplicate the original installation was, could someone point me to the manufacturer of this product? I heard it was Kennedy Engineering but after speaking to them they were not familiar with the product.

Looking for your insight.



Hi Michael,

With my 302 and 016 combo I have the spacer installed. I believe that without it there will not be enough of the input shaft supported in the needle bearing. Put a straight edge across the mounting flange of the transaxle and measure where the bearing surface starts / ends in relation to the flange. Put the straight edge across the adapter plate and verify that the splines will clear the end of the bearing holder. Maybe the bearing holder / adapter is not fully seated in the crank? I have a attached a picture of mine, but it is not a close up and may not have enough detail to see any difference.

My adapter is KEP but when I called them they had no record of it. I found the receipt in the previous builders file so I am sure it is KEP. Not sure how good their records are.