Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

Hi Fellas, quick update here. Progress has been slow, as usual. Work and kids and a million other things cuts into the garage time.... Thought I better give a quick update and some pics.

Basically, the last couple months I've been cleaning up the install - rewiring and replumbling some things so they work better, added a better header tank, reconfigured the oil cooler and installed a larger aluminum radiator with three Spal high flow fans. Got some parts powder coated - engine & transaxle mounts, various brackets, etc. This is all the stuff that takes hours and hours but makes an install look and work properly. Have a chunk more to go still.

The last major job is to move the (previously inboard) brakes to an outboard mount. Rather than use later hubs (with ears), I'll adapt my inboard hubs with some fabrication and outsourced aluminum welding. I have some twin piston HiSpec rear calipers to go with the four piston HiSpec front calipers. I'll also install a proportioning valve so I can dial in the brake bias. The calipers I have should be pretty well balanced without need for a proportioning valve but also good to be able to do some tuning.

Haven't had her out on the road yet but that's come......not too far down the road!


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Great Project Cliff- not sure how i missed it before. I am LSing my 88 currently.. yes, i went the easy route with the heavy chevy. The rear brakes were a PIA and im still not convinced i did the right thing... im cutting axles currently.
Keep those updates and pics coming! I could use some inspiration ;-)

Bill Kearley

OK I just have to ask a dumb question/joke, where does the oil go after it fills the FL1? That looks like a real nice job and must must have been a lot of work. I always loved the twin cam Europa
Sorry to be so slow to update here. The brief update is I bought a sailboat so I can get my kids out and away from the electronic crap. So, the Frankenlotus has been on hold since Feb.

The car is running and driving well but I do need to make some improvements and adjustments:

1. Get the brake bias dialed in. Have to plumb in a bias valve.
2. Add some cooling. Fine in the PNW winters but a drive in summer in So. Cal and she would be overheating.
3. Install the SE wing.
4. Redo the interior - new leather and carpets.
5. Improve the shifting. Shifts OK, just clunky. Used a rod/cable setup from a CAV for the 016, and needs some geometry improvement.

That’ll keep me going for a while. Fun car to drive.

Sorry for the long delay here in updating this thread (and project!). I have a bit of a story to share.

In early 2020 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). This is a very serious form of cancer related to bone marrow and blood - basically, your body can't tell the difference between healthy cells and cancerous cells and the cancerous cells proliferate at a rapid rate. It's 100% fatal if left untreated. Even with good treatment it's about 60-70% fatal. I spent much of 2020 in hospital with several month-long hospital stays for treatments including chemotherapy culminating in a stem cell bone marrow transplant in early October. Needless to say it was a difficult fight with a lot of pain and discomfort, wasting of the body, sickness/nausea, despair, ICU delirium, etc. I very nearly died several times. This all happened during the onset of covid so no visitors for much of the time. It was horrible to say the least.

I'm through it now, recovering well, and cancer-free. I'm so thankful to have my health coming back and some semblance of a normal life returning. I had great doctors and treatment facilities, and a lot of luck on my side. I'm just now getting out to the garage for some small jobs and loving the experience.

This has been a life changing journey and I've acquired some life wisdom from the experience. Don't take your health for granted, and be thankful for all that you have, especially the people in your life that care about you, and whom you care about. Take some joy in being alive every day, and be a decent and thoughtful person towards your fellow human being. Be respectful and genuine in your words, and be kind - kind to those less fortunate than you, and kind to those who deserve it.

Back to the regular programming. I hope to complete my Lotus frankenstein project in 2021/2022 and be on the road with a smile on my face before too long.
Hey Cliff welcome back!
Thanks for posting, and I'm sure all will be pleased to hear from you. So sorry to hear you had to go through all of this devoid of much visitation, that had to make things even tougher.

All the best man, all the best.

Chris Kouba

Best wishes for a full and prosperous recovery! My family is dealing with both of my parents going through cancer treatment (actually in recovery so far for my dad; my mom is actually in the hospital presently). It's fair to say 2020 was a tough year for everyone, but it sounds like you have a bit to be thankful for- I know I do.

Glad to see you back around.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Great to see you back on the forum, I hope the recovery continues and the Lotus starts making smiles out of miles!