Audi 016 transaxles for sale!!

For sale AUDI 016 transaxle:

AAX for $250 excl. postage.

Code unkown now for $400 excl. postage.

New 016 transaxle code unkown now for $500 excl. postage.

I'll post pictures from the AAX thuesday/wednesday.

Postage US and Europe, from netherlands to US will be $450, by UPS, takes 7 days from here to US.

I've also made a cable shifter for an 016 and 01e, I can supply them als since I'm already making one for a friend of mine, I'll make some more.


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If you want a six-speed you'll need a 01e or 01X, 01e is what i would choose since 01x are from modern cars like the a4/a6/a8 and so much more expensive.

I can get you an 01e for approx. $600-650, gearboxcode I'll get within a few days. I could maybe get one cheaper but I'll have to look for it.

Since I'm in the netherlands(europe) it will be expensive to ship it to you. By UPS it will be approx. $500 or something, depends on you location. If you know any other shipping options it's no problem for me.

Shifter price is now unkown, the one I build was al lot from parts I had laying around, so I need to look at the costs for new materials. Also within a few days.

If shipping costs aren't a real object I'll be happy to deliver you one.


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