Back up camera


Lots of posts on other headings, but wondering if anyone has experience with this backup camera

I like that it's a simple license plate bracket and not a separate camera. They do have an OBD II to 12V adapter so it's doable with an older car. I don't want a permanent screen inside my SPF and my phone is nearly always with me so it makes sense to use something like this. Cameras look pretty good but I'm no expert in this and the technology moves fast.
I've installed a wireless system in my CAV. Used Rear View Safety's system #RVS-091407. Really happy with results. Made a bracket that sits behind the license plate and the display in a clip on interior rearview mirror. No holes were needed to install and kit price is reasonable. I have a drawing of the license/lens mounting bracket if your interested. I've wired the system so that it comes on and stays when the ignition key is turned on.