Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones

I just wanted to share these pics of the custom made dog bones RF had machined up for me. I'm running 360mm rotors and big Brembo callipers, so getting them inside a 17" wheel was always going to be a stretch.

Drawn on CAD, then sent to RF to decipher and turn into these guys.

The bones came up great, and I have at least 3mm between the outer calliper face and the inside of the rim! Too easy.

The machining for these items looks great, and RF were kind enough not to sting my arse on the price. Cheers.


Nice work Troy! - (and obviously the chaps at RF)..

That ought to put a 'stop' to things....:laugh: (sorry - couldn't resist).

One thing though, am I imagining it and based on the steering arm position is the caliper upside down? i.e. bleed at the bottom?... :huh:
Well spotted Paul, this calliper was the easiest to reach for a test fit.

My shed is more crowded than the Shanghai underground at 5 o'clock, I was lucky to get out of there with my life!
Well done guys. 360mm is large in the 17" BRM's! With my 6-pot AP calipers the 343mm discs gave me enough headaches, so well done. Yours make mine look like they are off a Honda Civic!

I ended up having about the same clearance as you, the Brembo caliper is possibly a little lower in radial profile than the AP ones giving you the possibility of fitting a bigger disc diameter. I remember reading somewhere that the best way to reduce pedal effort for free (no power assistance) was to increase disc diameter, so well done.
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Jason, you might want to come down and have a look at a special version of the 5555 AP that allows us to use the 365mm rotor in the BRM's, we have a set on the blue car now with reasonable clearance. A lot depends in where your uprights permit you to locate the rotor (further inboard the better for clearance) They are a really good wheel allowing large rotors like these, V8SC use 378 in a 17 inch wheel but with minimal clearance, thin calipers and very (non tapered) straight barrel wheels.

Good work Troy, the Perth locals tell me you are progressing well.
Troy, very nice! That's some nice machining. One thing to think about - if the distance between the caliper and the rim gets really close then small rocks/stones can lodge in there and create problems. In other words, it's not just a matter of clearing the rim, some running clearance to allow for some "real world" crap getting in there is good too.
A good point. I was recently talking to another gentleman racing a Roaring Forties car over here in Australia, who said that he had encountered the very same issue with debris, given the tight tolerance between caliper and inner rim. Especially worrying given the brake pipe would be the first thing to go given it's low position!

Hi Paul, 'progressing well' would be a subjective view! Just kidding. After several months being messed around with paint coatings and other issues, the car is now being re-assembled. I'm really keen to get all those bits out of the shed and onto the chassis. A man needs his shed!
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Hi John,

yes we do a kit for the 5555 on the rear but they are very specific to the RF to include the internal handbrake and dogbones to suit our uprights.

5555 is a pretty common AP and any dealer in the States should be able to help you.

Official Distributors

I have attached a pic of their "higher clearance" version (note exposed fasteners, thinner bridge) which you should also be able to source locally, these have allowed us to fit larger than normally available rotors into the BRM's - let me know if you have any problems sourcing and I'll try to help more from here.

Regards Paul

PS Troy - keep up the good work !


Those high clearance AP5555's look similar to what I have used below. Maybe I was simply to conservative in setting the clearance to the rim. As it was I needed to push the disc inboard a fair way to fit them (deep rotor hats). I'm going to see if the next size rotor up has the same PCD and I can space the caliper bracket a few mm to get a bigger rotor on.

Never the less well done guys, RF customers should be happy with the big brake package you have developed. Take it from me its a PITA doing it on your own!


as always you are welcome to bring your parts down and we'll see what we can sort as we have lots of parts to swap in and out and obviously the 3D models some of which are thanks to yourself !

I realise you have already made up your hats but there may be other rotor options depending on mounting PCD and hat depth etc.

Regards Paul