Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Prize for literature

Doug S.

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I just heard yesterday that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. I am so happy that the Nobel Committee decided to recognize one of America's premier lyricists...Dylan had a way with words ( favorite Dylan lyric??? It MUST be Jim Craik's signature line, a lyric line from My Back Pages..."Aaah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now!") that cannot be matched. He was rock steady, he did his own thing and didn't give a damn about what others thought or said and he has remained relevant throughout the decades that he has been productive.

...and yet another review by the N.Y. Times:

Dylan was THE poet laureate for our generation (yes, I do consider myself a bald-headed old fart), and there were a LOT.

Cheers for the Nobel Committee for recognizing one of America's most productive and literate artists. He has mastered the art of "Forever Young", long may we all!

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Randy V

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The Nobel prize has been given to some fine men and women who have contributed greatly to the world..
Unfortunately their 2009 selection has cheapened the award in my opinion...
Bob Dylan deserving? I believe so.. He is an artist with both word and music...

Larry L.

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'Word is the Nobel Committee can't find him to hand him his $900K check. Supposedly he's had/will have a gig in 'Vegas around now...'Committee supposedly has left notes/messages...'Committee still has the check!

If someone wanted to hand me a check like that - I'd go find that individual! There'd be no need for him/her to find me!