Build Log Guidelines - Please read / follow

Randy V

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Builders and Dreamers - all of us...
This forum is for us to start a meaningful lineage of text and photos of our builds.
As such, we encourage the Builders to make posts as frequently as they desire to their logs with photos that are uploaded here to rather than hosting offsite in places like Photobucket and Flickr et al.
Visitors to the Build Logs -
please feel free to interact with the builders, but do make a conscious effort to not allow the log to drift into your own build or elsewhere (off-topic)..
If you LIKE / LOVE a post, we prefer that you use the LIKE button in the lower right corner of the post rather than posting your own "Looks good" or "Great update" post - which will just elongate the build log by carrying lots of posts like that. We can all see that you LIKE something, so please use that forum function..
Requests for Updates -
If a builder has taken a hiatus (encouraged - particularly when frustrated) and has not posted in more than a month - members are encouraged to remind the builders that they truly are interested in their creations. This has proven to be helpful (at least in my case) to some builders.

Thank you for your time and partnership in making the great resource that it is...