C19:: Not all Epidemiologists are on the same page - This is quite interesting!

Randy V

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This is very interesting — From a well respected, published and cited Epidemiologist no less. He points out that many of the scientists that advise the government, are also being paid by the government as well: “They have the scientists on their side that depend on government funding. One scientist in Germany just got $500million from the government, because he always says what the government wants to hear.”


Larry L.

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Yeeeeeup. "He says...she says...this 'expert' says...THAT 'expert'says...THIS study found...THAT study found...and here we all sit.

I've long been of the opinion that "reality" regarding C-19 (and much of everything else for that matter) depends on whom one wants to believe. It's a "follow the money"..."follow the agenda" situation otherwise.

Speaking for my own darned self, 88 days after the Mrs and I voluntarily 'quarantined' ourselves, I got a haircut today ('had been over 3 months since I had my last one)! When I got back home, the clothes I wore AND the sheet that had covered the driver's seat on the vehicle I'd used went in the washing machine...and I took another shower to boot. ('Disinfected the driver's area in the car as well as the shoes I was wearing.)

The Mrs is getting her hair done Wednesday. Her salon is insisting EVERYBODY uses face masks...'patrons have to wait in their cars 'til called...'every other 'chair' is kept vacant, etc., etc., But, she's going regardless of the fact she has "underlying conditions". 'Just goes to show ya how important a woman's HAIR can be/ is to her! I'm doing all I can do to avoid bringing 'bugs' home to her...and SHE's doing the salon thing.


Randy V

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Yes - lots of opinions out there. I’m no expert on medical things by a long shot - but I am an expert on data and analytics of said data. I’m fully out of my wheelhouse on this one, but I found the information to be from a credible source and thought to share it.
We all need to do our own fact checking and take those measures we are comfortable with to ensure our own well being..
Everyone needs to be responsible for their own decisions, but....IMHO, the risk of transmission to the average person in normal social situations is vertually nil. Would I chose to sit directly next to a person who is symptomatic? No. Would I be perticularly concerned with sitting next to an asymptomatic person who I didn't know at all? Again, no.

I honestly laugh when I see people riding bikes on city roads or through the parks with masks one. How exactly do thy think they are going to get exposed?

Anyway, I think it's pretty clear that those in the media and government are using the situation for their own benefit. I'm sure the same is true for plenty of scientific advisors.

Sometime, years from now, it's be interesting to see what conclusions can be drawn by epidemiolotists and statisticians about our response to this crisis. I imagin we'll look back with some degree of remource and disappointment. Hindsight, as they say.


Howard Jones

It is really difficult to in hind site to say that well it wasn't as bad as we thought it might be and then blame those who will be held responsible for the call for erroring on the side of caution. What else could they do. What if it had been as bad as it first was thought to be possible. who would be blame for that?

In my world I want people in charge of public safety to error on the side of caution. That's is what they are hired to do after all. Then as the situation becomes more clear the political leadership must take the advice of the professionals (all of the differing disciplines) and weight the risks and rewards of the issue.

There is no possibility of saving every single persons life in a worldwide population of billions or even in the western country's where there are 100's of millions of lives at stake. Then at the same time weigh the economic losses related to putting millions of those same people in a position where they rapidly become unable to care for themselves and the same lives that you believe you are saving from one threat are at risk from a completely different but avoidable source.

What if they had shut down the old fokes homes and left the rest of us to carry on? It's beginning to look like maybe that would have worked with the exception of the condensed population centers. But then what, only shut down NYC, LA and a few other city's and let the rest of the country get on with it.

I can just hear the screaming now about how they only care about the city slickers. After it's all over I believe we will find that thousands of lives were saved. More than likely a lot more could have been saved as well as shortened the economic disaster's length as well as it's impact if it was quickly known what the hell was happening . Hopefully we will have learned a lot about what to do next time.

If I can fault the political leaders at all it's when they added getting reelected to the important facts in consideration. I'll do that with my vote.