C8 Corvette transaxle

Brian Kissel

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People have been discussing this transaxle as a option on here. Just saw this on Ebay. It was sold by the time I saw it. It would need tons of electronics to make it work, but it went cheap in my opinion.

Regards Brian
That’s a steal at that price granted someone develops a controller for it. I belive Dodson Engineering ran some tests on the stock clutches and they only start to slip around 600-650 ft-lb, pushing a 3,600lbs car. I’m afraid the canbus might be encrypted and vin locked so therefore getting the GM controller to talk to another ECU will be next to impossible. I’m still hoping some company can develop a controller for it. These type of boxes have been around for like 15yrs now. And fundamentally they all work the same.
Just to clarify things there are standalone ECUs that control such boxes for example maxxecu however only certain dct’s are supported (older M3s) there are others however it’s a beta software at best and some people can’t get it to work right due to buggy software. If only high end professional motorsports would allow teams to use these, life would be heck of a lot easier for everyone looking to do this.