CLPmotorsports LMP1 Build thread

Greetings GT40 members. The CLPmotorsports team is in the process of building our new RCR SLC LMP1 race car for the 25 hour race and for NASA Super Unlimited class.

Hats off as always to Fran for bringing these cars to the market and for making them attainable for non corporate teams. These are bound to be a game changer in the racing community.

We have a long way to go, but we hope you will tag along for the ride.

Here's how she arrived.

Here she is in the nude.


Here is the PPG/MTI sequential trans and some fancy RCR billet pieces.


The front suspension is easy on the eyes as well.



Here's the shifter for the sequential.


Here's the headers we started building. They originally started off as a set of LG Motorsports 1 7/8" Super Pro long tubes.


Thanks Luke and Pat!
We are very excited about getting this car onto the track. We have a lot on our plates right now with starting the new shop and some other car builds but Luke is the man and will get this banged out quickly. Anyone in the bay area is welcome to come see it being built and there will soon be some other fun RCR products kicking around the shop.

Dr. David

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Thank you for posting this..... Very exciting indeed.

I noted the black (rubber?) strips in the center of your photo. I would assume they are for a buffer for the overlying front clip, and the body is that close. Great concept. It seems that it would also be a good place to mount a front tow loop, extending through the body in that location. If that area is strong enough to mount Penske 8300 shocks, it seems like it would hold well for being towed out of the "Kitty Litter," or onto a transport in a non-running condition.
Just an observation.
Enjoy the build, and the car!


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I want to buy one of these just so I can stick it in my living room...

Can someone point me to a link that explains how the LMP1 cooling issues from last summer were resolved?

JR was a problem with the electric pump we were using

The location where the splitter mounts attach has rubber due to the proximity of the body...we installed that prior to shipping...its also on your car David. That bracket will not be suitable for a two hook, if it gets tweeked it will throw off the splitter location and also the bodyfit.
The shocks themselves are mounted on a steel bracket below the splitter mount and are cross bolted in two axis
Luke can you tell us more about the transmission? Is it an aftermarket electronic shifter mod for the corvette box? I am certainly interested in seeing the car and following the build. Does the shop have a website? Who knows, I may be able to drive SLC#1 up this summer to see I one of her cousins (must keep nose to grindstone) haha.
The trans has a PPG full sequential gearset that was supplied and installed by MTI..
Reese Cox is the guy to talk to about it..
MTI also provided the shifter too btw
Yes, as Fran said, MTI built the trans. It's their six shooter sequential trans built using a corvette transaxle so it's perfect to use in the LMP. No lift upshifts should be fun.

Howard Jones

Bob.........we gotta have a look at this one...........Ya ever think that the harder we work the farther behind we fall............

Good choice guys! That little local 25 hour race is getting pretty serious.

Ken Roberts

Here's a you tube video on the use of the MTI sequential six shooter.

[ame=]MTI Racing Six Shooter Sequential Transmission - YouTube[/ame]
Luke, Pat, welcome to the insanity! Looking forward to seeing you guys at the track. Glad to see some more competition around here. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Ted, team QRP