Completed RCR 70


Just wanted to post a few photos of my RCR 70 that was just completed by Ken Seybert at CVR Automotive. He loaded it on the truck today to begin its trip to me in the Chicago area.

Some of the details on the build:

Engine Factory 475hp 383 SBC
Porsche 930 LSD transaxle
Right hand drive \ right hand shift
Custom fuel bladders
Fire supression system
6-point roll cage
Cockpit adjustable sway bars
Air conditioning
Rearview camera

Primary use will be at the Autobahn Country in Joliet, IL but I will also attempt to license for the street. Hope to have it out at the Autobahn for a first drive in late August.


Brian Hamilton

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WOW!! I'm not a HUGE Lola fan, but man, that thing is fantastic! Very nicely done with everything you need, but very simple. I like the little flames back there on the deck lid. That's cool man. VERY nice car dude. 2 thumbs up!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Can't wait to see some track video of it.


Thanks. The flames were a tribute to the Donohue Lola that won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1969. They were yellow on the Donohue car but I wanted something a little more subtle. I'll definitely post some video in late August.
Pete, she looks simply beautiful - really amazing.

This past weekend I saw an original T70 racing on the track with some other period race cars (GT40 etc.) and, believe me, there was nothing out there that looked and sounded meaner and brutally gorgeous. There was a Formula 5000 car that was a little faster but not by much. Your car is a stunner. Be careful with all that power, don't let it get away from you!

Brian Kissel

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It looks like the long wait was worth it. You have a very beautiful car there. Excellent attention to all the small details.

Kindest Regards

Randy V

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Simply awesome Peter.... Such a long time coming - I'm sure you can barely sleep in anticipation of it's arrival...

I can hardly wait to see it on one of my trips to Autobahn...

Well done!!!!
Pete, Really nice!! What color is that? I think the Lola Coupes look their best in dark colors.
Thanks Randy. It is indeed hard to wait for August, but I'm sure we'll have fun at Blackhawk this weekend.

Thanks Bill. The paint is 1997 Porsche Midnight Blue Metallic, PPG Code 190063.
Georgemous car !!

Reminds me of the car Carl Haas had in his Highland Park workshop back in the late 1970s, except his car was green !!!