Del's Build: SLC IR/8

Finished installing radar detector and new android headunit. Took a middle piece out of BlendMount since wasn't needed so I could get RD as close as possible to the bottom of the mirror. It's less in my field of view and think it'll work, although I'll contact BlendMount to see if they possibly make a lower profile of one part to snug it up a little tighter.

New android screen ended up being a bigger upgrade than I expected. All I was after was a volume knob and while I got that I also got a few bonuses such as microSD rear and USB on the fact of the unit. Best part is this thing boots up WAY quicker. If it's asleep without power for a few weeks, it'll still boot up quicker than the AIM gauges. I was going to remove the console to replace the dual USB hub for a powered one, but instead of doing that I just got a 12v to USB converter and simply plugged the existing ones to it. At some point I'll remove the console to incorporate some sort of storage and will swap it out then or maybe just make an illuminated plug for the area.


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And got my windows back finally. Ceramic tint, front has 30% and rear has 50%, all exterior of windows are wrapped in gloss black. I know it's pointless to tint rear window, it was purely atheistic reason.... Tint just makes windows look much better and blend into the car's paint. Reason on exterior is because tint couldn't get 100% of the fingers out (I'll share pics when I take some). Not worse thing since they're covered, but I was hoping to do vinyl on interior of the glass. I have some insulation on the way, along with some longer black 6-3/32 screws to accommodate the low profile nuts and washers to mechanically attach them back and seal them to the car since I can hide it now thanks to the vinyl.

If I was to do the whole thing again, I'd gotten the vinyl installed on interior side of the Lexan and then tint over that. With having the border, the tint wouldn't have to go all the way down and likely no fingers. Part of the learning curve, now we know!

Hope to get them installed and mirrors aligned and get the car on the road ASAP this week.


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Just thought this was a cool picture of the new powdercoat.


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Pointless post, but here's a video of music played with the updated android screen. Camera doesn't replicate how loud it actually is, but does show how clear it sounds. Only thing that's definitely missing in the SLC is a sub. I owned a set of Infinity Kappa's probably 20yrs ago and back then they sounded good powered by an aftermarket headunit..........but really shined when you add an amp to them, night and day difference in loudness and clarity. May consider adding small 4ch amp under the dash in the future or a 5ch if I can add a sub somewhere. Something for me to think about.

I take way too many pictures, but I do share them even if pointless!

Added some stand-offs to my APR mirrors. They could be adjusted without them, but I didn't like the angle of them when looking at the car from the outside so with increase in height I believe I solved my issue. Anyone interested, here's info:
McMaster #93655A466
Male-Female Threaded Hex Standoff, 18-8 Stainless Steel, 8 mm Hex Size, 20 mm Long, M5 x 0.80 mm Thread Size

Always wanted a louder horn, just in case someone doesn't seem me and attempts to come in my lane. Remembered the other day I had this HornBlaster's motorcycle horn I ran on my busa many years ago, so pulled it out to verify it still works and test fit....couldn't ask for a better fit. Did some digging and InfinityBox should be fine to operate it without an additional relay. All outputs are 25a, max draw on horn is 18a and InfinityBox uses 14ga wire so everything checks out. Just need to verify fuse size used for it an swap out if needed.

My parents got me a pair of padded stands and windows will be a perfect use for them to keep from scratches while applying the insulation to the windows. You can see shade difference on the stands.


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Del, my philosophy is "Small, fast cars need big, loud horns." In my street Mirage I have a pair of air horns from a US Army 2 1/2 ton truck. It is powered by a 100 psi compressed air system. Others may not see me but they sure can hear me.
Del, my philosophy is "Small, fast cars need big, loud horns." In my street Mirage I have a pair of air horns from a US Army 2 1/2 ton truck. It is powered by a 100 psi compressed air system. Others may not see me but they sure can hear me.

Completely agree, having a loud horn made me feel safer on the bike as well. Saved me a few times over the years.

Funny enough I was eyeballing to see if I had the room for a tank and compressor under the nose for a train one would suspect a SLC to make that kind of noise. I've had a couple setups before and definitely something kids love, lol.
"Something the kids love" ----- Especially the kid behind the wheel ;)
I'd be concerned the masses would be looking for a TRUCK when they heard the horn and still not pay any attention to the shiny thing below their line of sight.
"Something the kids love" ----- Especially the kid behind the wheel ;)
I'd be concerned the masses would be looking for a TRUCK when they heard the horn and still not pay any attention to the shiny thing below their line of sight.

It would totally be for me than kids!

Completely right! I wasn't thinking about it in the sense when a horn is needed, more so sitting at a red light and honking it and everyone around looks at the biggest truck around them, haha. Use to do that on the bike at red lights when friends were driving around me, I'd turn around and look at them and throw up my hands like they were honking at me. ;)
Amazon royally screwed up so still I don't have my insulation to put windows on, but have all the hardware. Finally coming in today, hope to get a window or 2 done after work. The 6-32 narrow nuts are tiny so may look okay after installed, but drew up some beauty caps for them if needed. If I decide I do the caps, I'll just have to invest in a 3D resin printer as printing 50 caps (just a guess) is $250 on Shapeways.

Since I put back on the SLC emblem, was looking for a potential place for the orange Superlite logo and discovered the top of the throttle body is perfect since it can also be seen through the window. Just have to get it made and sized correctly, won't put circle logo on this one.

Since still waiting on insulation, took an hour to clean the top of a work bench. What sucks is this is the cleaner of the 7 benches, plus I need to do bottoms at some point too.


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Tinted windows installed. Pictures of windows inside and outside, plus color of super chrome (with gloss clear) powdercoated wheels.


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More pictures


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....and some more


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Great car.
Really would be nice if someone made LS style coil covers that one could not see under from the back.
Great car.
Really would be nice if someone made LS style coil covers that one could not see under from the back.

I dug around trying to find something I liked, closest I found was the ones Bill ran on his. I intended to use the same, but on a whim I borrowed my brother's FRCs and realized they'd fit and look good even though you see opposite end of them.
on my LS project car (a cobra actually) I cleaned up the look considerably by removing the coils altogether. Just relocate them to somewhere down in the chassis, run HV wires from there.
You can install a clean valve cover, and some nice fuel-rails, and the LS's are a thing of beauty!
Kind of random, but while deciding if I was going to sticker up the SLC for the poker run in 2 weeks I decided not to do it and instead just cut out a hood decal for the place I work for now. We're a small local firm in a sea of a couple of larger local firms, so any publicity is good and best part it didn't cost anything. No sponsorship, last thing they expected was to see their logo on a "race car", lol. They're not car guys, but think it's awesome. Never know, would be cool to make a contact and get some work from it.


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Also had to run an errand Sunday solo so took the fun car to venture into Lake Charles for first time. Can't wait for poker run to show off the car, hope to see some awesome rolling shots posted.


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My buddy made and sent me this a while back, after testing it out on the tail noticed it could look good on top of throttlebody if the size was right. Drew up another one (4"x1") for him to laser when he gets a chance and in the meantime I need to get the TB painted black since I noticed it can be seen through window. Indirectly get to put a Superlite logo emblem on the car finally!

Next weekend is poker run, can't wait.


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