Del's Build: SLC IR/8

The silver colored wheels compliment the paint.;)
Agreed, I wasn't sure if it was the best option and wished I'd gone darker until I saw them on the car. I still want a set of wheels that are brushed with a light translucent smoke powdercoat, maybe one day. Just glad I got rid of the mismatched colors!
Gorgeous car, Del!

I like the brighter wheel color MUCH better than the copper color with your paint choice.
Agreed, thanks! The original plan was white body with bronze wheels, but glad I had mismatched colored wheels and ended up with gray/orange.
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Took the car around the neighborhood a couple of times last night. One thing I didn't pick up on before now was how satisfying that gated mechanical sound/feel is when switching gears.
4-5 more laps under my belt, feeling more like my car now and not someone else's, if that makes sense. I have about 10.x miles on it, which isn't alot but is for the short laps I make. Neighbors may hate me, hopefully they realize it's only till I get a plate.

The manual steering isn't hard to get accustomed to, but the brakes are a bit less confidence inspiring. I still need to go bed them in, just haven't gotten out of the neighborhood to do so. I'm sure they'll feel a bit better after that.

Driving the SLC is pretty much exactly what I expected, RAW. While making my laps yesterday, there's a tiny stretch when I can roll into the throttle in 2nd gear and I have already forgotten how much I miss the torque of an LS engine. Feels very strong, I cant wait to do a pull to redline. I do have regrets about not doing drop gears while Allan had it, just wasn't/isn't in the cards, as it is now the SLC savings has just enough to pay taxes. Maybe this winter I'll order some drop gears from John, pull the Graz out and send off...
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Trooper visit #2 to my house has been completed. I've been officially assigned a VIN and got paperwork needed from him for when I make Baton Rouge trip #2 to submit everything and pay taxes. I have to "trailer" the car to a local inspection place to get them to fail the car due to no registration and that paperwork is last thing I need before I go back to Baton Rouge. Of course, it'll be raining next few days so I'm stuck waiting. Saturday looks like I'll be able to go, which will work out better so I can get my wife to follow behind me. If I get this done, I'll go to Baton Rouge Monday.

Once Baton Rouge is done, my job is finished and only thing left for me to do is get 2 VIN plates made (see etching thread) and attach to the car. Looks like I'll have up to 3-4 weeks to do this for trooper to make final trip to my house. During that time registration, plate and title all get created and a form signed off off by troopers boss's boss. Then troopers boss in Lafayette picks it up from BR (he goes every 2 weeks) and brings it back to Lafayette. He comes to LC once a week so he brings it to hand off to trooper. Trooper then schedules to come to my house for 3rd time to verify both VIN locations and hands me my street legal info. Once I put the plate one, I have to go back to local inspection place to show proof of registration and they'll give me my inspection sticker (all previous light, horn, etc checks were done first time there).

It's some leg work for sure and have no choice if I want a plate, but thankful it's going smoothly and actually know for sure what needs to be done. I fully expected going into this that I'd have to discover what needs to be done, many trips to DMV and talking to who knows how many people to find what little info I can. I was hoping it could be street legal by 6/26 so the wife and I can take it for our anniversary (plus first break we've had since Elise was born). It's feasible, but I'm not expecting it to happen. Maybe for the best, I'd feel better taking it out on date night once I have a couple hundred miles on everything.
Yesterday went smoothly at my 2nd DMV trip to Baton Rouge, submitted everything and paid my taxes. Very happy I was able to make both trips and get all paperwork together within a week. I got to see my regular plate and registration together, so know that's done on their part too. Now just gotta wait a few weeks for trooper to receive it and bring it to me.

While there I also reserved my personal plate. I'm not confident people will find the humor in it, it's meant to be funny.....especially after my first gas station stop and everything I've read about owning a SLC. Confirmed today it was indeed reserved.


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I test fitted some emblems to get an idea of sizes. This is a SLE emblem from a GMC Sierra truck I bought a year or 2 ago from AliExpress. I originally planned to modify the "E" to make it a "C", but decided since that it would be better to 3D print my own emblem....although not in PLA so will have to send it off, plus less bodywork to it before paint. The SLE is 6"x1" and fits nicely where the SL-C once was. The SLC emblem I already have drawn in 3D comes out to 6.5"x1" which is pretty perfect. I also have my IR/8 in 3D too. Both emblems will get a little bodywork to smooth them out and will paint in gloss black. The "/" of the IR/8 will be painted orange and IR/8 will be a little smaller. I also am considering putting smaller SLC emblems on the fenders, above or below the body break.

I plan to design something to fit the area on either side of the license plate to make it all flush. I'll probably incorporate a bracket into it to mount the rear camera.

Thought this was interesting between both my Baton Rouge trips. Within 1min of drive time between the 2, even though I made a couple extra stops on trip #1.

I need a 500+ HP car that gets 25 MPG...
You're not kidding, I thought only LS engines were that good, lol. It really shocked me how good of gas mileage the Audi gets. On the way home from Vegas to Louisiana when I bought it, I got 28.x MPG
Just in case anyone searches the forum for the forum for putting the VSS on the car, this is the parts I'm using. I do not need it for the speedo, this is only for the engine to know if the car is moving or not.

- I initially tried to zip-tie the sensor and car didn't surge/stall as much as without it.
- I made a bracket for the sensor in hopes to read the 6 bolts for the CV and while didn't solve my problem completely, it did make it alot better.
- I will install a 16-tooth reluctor ring and make another mount for sensor if needed. I think this will solve my issue mostly, until I get it dyno tuned.

ACDelco 213-344 Speed Sensor

Reluctor ring for 930 CV shaft
Installed new reluctor wheel last night, made new bracket for VSS and got it all mounted. My 6 month old was already put down to sleep so didn't get a chance to test it out, but will this evening. I have high hopes all is good!

While wheel was off, sketched the e-brake caliper and will draw in CAD so I can cut some vinyl overlays for them. I believe this is the last SL-C on the car that I can easily hide, don't know why I hate the dash so much, lol. I'll probably cut out the Superlite circle emblem to put on top of the vinyl, in gray and orange of course.

The chrome intake tube has been bugging me, will bring it to get powdercoated wrinkle black to match the LS3 intake. Assuming VSS solved the issue I'll trim it down and get it done as well. Also my HVAC knobs done in Illusion Orange and will cut out some black vinyl decals to put in the middle to tone it down a bit. Small stuff, but slowly making changes. Hope to have time this weekend to wire up the DRL module so my signals will become DRLs (the actual signal light, not running light).
Went for a few laps around the neighborhood and as I hoped, the SLC runs even better. I'd say the 16-tooth bolt on reluctor ring with the GM sensor made things 99% better. Car feels easier to drive now as well, although it may be just me getting use to the car. The only time the RPMs surged and made it stall was at the very end when I pulled it into the shop at the end of the video.

Also to add to my list of things to do that is purely personal preference, I plan to swap out the AutoLok module and remote with a Viper system. I'm just paranoid and wanted something where I'd be less likely to accidentally hit the button while driving.....and I wanted cooler looking remote (yeah it's dumb). For $53 it's a win-win! Bonus is it has a 1000ft distance and remote start, but neither matters to me and for obvious reasons I won't hook up the remote start.

It's not near as loud inside the car as the video makes it seem. I didn't intend to record a video, but after first lap went back to grab it. Nothing special, just figured it's better than nothing.