Double Jumper

In the automotive world, occasionally there will be a situation where there are two cars with the same chassis numbers because the a damaged car was replaced instead of being repaired, but later the original car reemerges.

This recently came to light in the fashion world when a jumper (sweater) worn by Princess Diana sold for $1.1 million. In 1981, Diana Spencer (soon to become Princess Diana) was photographed wearing a red jumper with sheep on it. Later in 1983, she was also photographed wearing a red jumper with sheep on it. But it now turns out they were different jumpers.

After wearing the original jumper in 1981, it was sent back to the designers to be repaired or replaced. The designers had a new jumper made and sent it Buckingham Palace. The original jumper was forgotten until it was recently found in a box in the designers' attic. Soon after finding the original jumper, it was put up for auction along with two letters from Buckingham Palace regarding the jumper.