Early stage RCR917 project

Hello. I'm in the process of building a FF Mk4 Roadster; but I'm joining this forum in hopes of finding some people who can help me with an RCR 917 kit car project. Unfortunately a close friend of mine passed away unexpectedly with a barely started kit car project. I'm trying to help his family find it a good home at a fair price. Anybody out there thinking about an RCR 917 but haven't pulled the trigger on a kit yet?
The kit is a barely started Race Car Replicas 917. You can get the specs on the kit here: http://race-car-replicas.com/rcr-917-kit-details A new kit is $48,395. We’re pricing this barely started kit at $25,000 (firm) and that includes the correct Avon tires (which were an extra cost in addition to the kit).

The kit is safely stored in a locker in Excelsior, MN. It only arrived there last weekend, so it’s not been sitting for long. We’ve co-located all the loose parts together with the rolling chassis in the locker. From my perspective it’s a complete kit and there really has not been much work done to it.

We are selling the entire contents of the locker. So there is no confusion about what you will get.
Buyer will be responsible for packing and transportation to get the kit to wherever they want it.


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Could you tell me the wheel sizes and what engine the chassis is set up for ?
thank you
I'm pretty sure the kit is set up for the oil cooled flat 6 Porsche motor and the Porsche 930 4-speed transmission. Those are not included.


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Please PM me your phone number , I would like ask you some more questions.
I am very interested , thank you
I’m super happy to announce that a father and son team bought the 917 kit today. They were a pleasure to work with and I’m excited that it’s going to people who have the will and ability to finish the project.