Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

Randy V

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I found this picture of Tom and thought I would post it...
He's the tall one in the pic in case you've not met him before...


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Ruhe in Frieden Tom, wir werden Dich nicht vergessen und unsere Gedanken und Gebete sind mit Dir auf deiner letzten Reise.
Mein herzlichstes Beileid zu den Angehoerigen und Freunde.

Rest is peace Tom, we shall not forget you and our thoughts and prayers will be with you on your last journey.
My deepest condolences to the relatives and friends.
So sorry to hear this, really enjoyed reading Toms posts he was a real clever guy and a great contributor to this forum.
My heart goes out to his family, I lost my beloved mother last year when she was killed in her Porsche Boxster. I wouldn't be doing my 40 without her help after my dad passed from cancer she helped me with some money to get it started, not a day goes by that I don't think of her and I miss them both terribly. I can empathise with the turmoil his poor family must be going through. :(.

Take care and get any help you can to help cope with your loss.

Ron Earp

Tom was a helpful and thoughtful forum member with a passion for life. Thoughts of comfort for the surviving family, may he rest now in peace. He will always be missed.
Tom ich werde dich so in Erinnerung behalten wie ich dich kennen gelernt habe .Du hast dein auto so geliebt wie wir alle . Machs gut
Dein Kumpel Meinolf


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Verry sad news....
He also helped me when i had some questions where he could.
A really nice person.
Rest in Peace Tom.
Goodbye my Friend.
Believe it or not I was thinking of you very often, even If I was not so present in the forum here.
Will always keep with me the nice Nurburgring poster u sent me, you was a great person and a true car lovers like we all are.
Run your mighty Gt40 in heaven and let theme admire the dreamcar you was able to build, Tom. Many will love it also there.

I will never forget you.
I didn't know of his passing until recently.

Tom was a quiet confident engineer who was always willing to help others on our forum. It was particularly satisfying to me to have helped him obtain some motorcycle parts he needed from here in the US. Somehow it felt like I was helping return the favor for the others he had guided along the path.

The few minutes we got to spend hanging out in my workshop talking cars and bikes was a highlight of that year.

When I think of him I remember the music flowing from his daughter's guitar while playing on Jim Craik's back deck. Valley lights shimmering in the background, stars overhead.

Another star now guides us from above.

Charlie Farley

Tom, I don't know why, but i woke up with a quite an unexpected picture in my mind. You, Chris Melia & myself. The look on your face as we all unveiled the rolling chassis you took delivery of in the UK. I can vividly remember the look of pure, childish 'glee' on your face, the dance in your step, the obvious animation in your behaviour. I'm guessing that you behaved in the same vein on the birth of your first born.
Well Tom, i didn't know you that well, but i know you are out there and not far away from this forum and it's members. You can't reach out and physically correct us when we ' turn the spanner the wrong way ' . However, it's clear to me that the likes of you and The Captain will, in subtle ways, still remind us of your presence. I'm sure where you are, you are never short of the right tool for the job and the welds flow as they always should... and there is never any splatter..

Charlie Farley

Many thanks to those that private messaged me. It seems i'm far from alone in recognising he was " some kind of guy ".
And won't you have a grandstand seat for the film when it comes out. Say hello to Ken for us please..