Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

Dear all

I was looking at some GT40 images and came across this site regarding a recent GT40 accident. Is this Toms RCR 40? I know his car from the posts and it looks like it is.

I am somewhat concerned for his well being. If this is not Toms car I apologise and moderators please remove this post.

I hope whoever the driver is makes a total recovery and the family of the passenger my condolences at this most difficult time.

Car Crash: Fatal Ford GT40 Wreck in Germany
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Checked after crash photos and compare to photos in Tom`s build log detail by detail; I really afraid it`s Tom`s car :cry:
But please put me right if not.
(big square sticker in windshield, gurney bubble, silencer, throttle cable, anti-rollbar, oil coolers etc etc. Everything matched so far except wheels)
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Having done the same as Jyrki, I agree.

My personal request would be no more posts against this unless you are an individual who can either speak to Tom or confirm circumstances.

Full condolences and thoughts.

Fran Hall RCR

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thank you Brett absolutely agree..

I spoke to Tom every week and he is a great friend....he just called me at home over the weekend and told me that he was loving the way the car was driving and that he was having way too much fun..

My condolences and thoughts are with everyone concerned...

Please keep the thread open and respectful...

Ron Earp

My condolences to all involved with this tragedy. They're all car enthusiasts and brothers alike.

The thread will remain open but limited to prayers, wishes, and information updates as they become available.


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Speechless and fingers crossed. Tom is a friendly guy with some Colorado connections. Prayers for all involved.

Fran Hall RCR

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It was indeed Tom driving the car...I just spoke with someone in Germany.

Tom is still in the hospital..


I just spoke with Toms daughter.

The acident happened yesterday at 11am.

He is in an induced coma , he lost a lot of blood .
The doctors have told the family that he if he continues , as he is now he will be OK.

I passed on everyones best wishes from us here at the shop and also from everyone here on the forum.....
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I am deeply saddened by this news. I consider Tom a friend and we have discussed his Colorado connections on occasion. Fran, please let the forum know if there is anything we can do to support Tom and his family.


Condolences to the family of Tom's passenger and thoughts and prayers for Tom's speedy and complete recovery.
My sympathy goes out to both families. I had followed Tom's build. Sadly but hopefully, from the pics, it looks like the passenger didn't suffer.

One of my worst fears is going into a tree sideways in one of these cars. We have no protection from that....

Those pics really make you think.....
My condolences to both families. As Jeremy Clarkson would say though, at least it's one helluva way to go. Hoping Tom can pull through.

Brian Kissel

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Wishing Tom a complete and speedy recovery. And heart felt condolences to the passengers family. God speed my friend.

Regards Brian
Sad News out of my German "Neighbourhood" - talked to Tom a few Weeks ago regarding my SL-C Build - hope he makes a fast , full Recovery - Condolences to the Family of the Passenger..
Just spoke to Fran. He gave me the news. I am speechless. What a sad day. Tom is a great guy. I will join all of you in prayer for his recover and peace for his passenger. Truly saddens my heart.

Had it been a lesser car, Tom might not be with us today fighting for his life.

Jim Craik

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Oh my, this is such sad news.

We got to know Tom and his family when they stayed with us for a couple of days last summer, during their California vacation, they are very good people.

Our condolences go out to the family of Tom's friend.

Tom, we are praying for you, your a strong healthy guy, we are pulling for you buddy.

Fran, please keep us informed and let Helga and Ramona know that our thoughts and Prayers are with them.
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