Ford GT 40 MK II drawing

I could draw like that...........if only I had talent!

Really cool and quite unique. I really like the concept and I would buy a print for my garage wall if you ever sell some.


Thanks for the comments guys much appritiated...
I will scan the drawing soon ,so the prints should be available in a few weeks time;).
Miha, If we sent you a pic of our individual cars from the same perspective, is it possible you could do a personalized version with color, striping, livery, etc? Just asking. Thanks.

I really like your drawing. Just a small point for information only the air intake between the snorkels for P1046 and I think all the MKII's at the 1966 Le Mans were see through part plexiglass. In other words the silver stripes are not painted on it. I think that this might be something to do with scrutineers and the rear view laws at the time. But this does not detract from a superb illustration.
Regards Allan

Randy V

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Stunning drawing.... Would like a higher resolution one for my PC's Background.. Once my Forty is finished, I'd like to have you draw it for me!!