Formula Junior..Volopini replica

Life goes on.
Slowly getting some interest back for shed time, I have spent the last 6 weeks accustoming myself to life around the house, making the place `my place` now that I am chief cook and bottle washer. Very rewarding getting to grips with. Painted the lounge and dining rooms ready for new flooring. Sold all the domestic cars and bought a new one..first ever new private car, its done 16k`s and its parked in the garage. Been looking at the Formula Junior and my Covid paint job will make a great undercoat, so it`s a quick fine sand and redo the top coat once the weather warms up. The road going McLaren will stay tucked up until the sun returns and then its the final test drive and registration.
Nothing much has changed except everything!
Thank you all for your thoughts and help.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Thanks for the update Russell. Sounds like perhaps you're working through this fairly well, but lot's we don't know about. Thinking of ya.
Hi all, as some of you know, my life has been given a new direction and
I have just been getting on with it, so after painting, carpet, new flooring and a big sort out, I have in the last few weeks felt like working back in my shed. So the little Formula junior got it`s `covid `paint job sanded back down and resprayed. I have reassembled the body back on the car in the last week ready for a club shed raid on the 10th. Must say I am quite pleased with this coat of paint, its nor perfect but is more than up to the mark. I have also just built a road trailer for it and it will fit on it inside my shed so all good. The red colour I chose is quite a black red, not maroon nor tomato red.....but just right.


I decided to name my car so that `experts` could not say I got some obscure detail wrong! This car is my take on the sprit of Formula Junior and that`s what it was built with. So given that there are Volopini`s, Stanguilini`s and all manner of other linguini`s! My car is a .....Russolini.... Obviously there is a little bit of me in it (Russell).
Well I did an Italian to English translation.....Russo means Russian and Lini means Linen. So that means bugger all but who cares. It was just built for fun.
Hi there, hope life is treating you well where ever you are, I just treated myself to another toy. A 2006 2ltr 6 speed Mazda MX5 very similar to the last one we had only less k`s. Flew down to Christchurch and drove it back the next day. Now for some summer fun.