from a 302 to a lexus v8 - conversion


Missing a few cylinders
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David, remote filter plates aren't too hard to do. Here's one I had made from the existing oil filter bracket. I just lopped off the flanged plate from the oil filter bracket and welded a couple of -10 AN weld fittings on it, then smoothed out the interior with a grinder to help it flow. It does save a lot of space. If I did it again, I'd probably make the plate much thicker so I could include a tapped hole for an oil pressure sender.


John, as you say, easy to do. My plan was to make it out of the same ~20mm plate as the adapter plate.

You can buy them for the 1uz-fe from lextreme or other places.

Some people have cut the original in half and welded in fitments either end.
The two points raised earlier by David are quite correct for a DRB also.

The rear exhaust pipes / chassis have to be considered carefully and exhaust routed to suit. The oil filter will clash and so should be remote mounted. Note that the Soarer filter is engine mounted, but the Toyota Crown has a remote mounted oil filter as standard. Both interchangeable. Central sump is also a Crown unit, as I remember and, in my (dry sump) case, better.

Still waiting to fire mine up.




I should add a note here that the diagram I previously posted is the mount from the original bell housing to a gearbox, the actual engine mount is almost circular.

This btw is the bell housing.

and this is the actual engine mount
Er to go back on myself here. Having reviewed the dimensions in that diagram while it's not a diagram of the engine the bolt spacings appear correct for the rear face of the engine. I can only presume its a diagram of an adapter plate to bolt onto the engine. Missing the lower 4 holes which would bolt up to the sump though.
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