GT40 CAD project

Information; None of this cad data or anything else posted is going to be forwarded, sold or anything.
If you want to do a similar thing you are free to try, if you are in possession of a substantial amount of fav prints feel free to contact me.

Thought i'd post a few screenshots from my cad model.
It has taken countless hours, i don't even want to know how many hours i have spent on it.
It is a work in progress so still bits and pieces to be added and minor adjustments to be made.

All of this is based on the prints available online, some prints around on this forum and the gt40 uncovered book.
And alot of pictures of varius original cars.

Those who know this chassis well might spot a few flaws and changes. Nothing drastic should deviate from the original.


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Amazing work, I'm more impressed with how quick you get it done. Whatever the hours are that you have in it, I'm sure I would be about double to achieve the same thing.

I can't keep up with you that is for sure.