GT40 Driving Impressions

Hi Bill

great to hear from your positive driving experiences after all. And now go on, book the local track and let the baby fly


My experience is that one finds more in a few hours on the track than in weeks traveling with normal traffic speed ( especially if you take in account the speed allowed in US; he he :))


Bill Hara

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Bill, I'd say let some of the scars heal by driving it on the road, as your confidence in the car increases so will the itch to give the car a sterner workout.
I'm in the thows of gaining that confidence in my car so I think I understand where you are at.

Enjoy - enjoy - enjoy!!!
Congratulations too!

Bill H

Doug S.

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Congratulations, Bill! We've been waiting a long time, but I am sure it was nothing compared to the wait and problems you've endured.......SO GLAD to see you're on the road again!

I'll doff a few in your honor later tonight :thumbsup:

Congrats on your completed build. It has been a long road, but well worth it. You can now look back at your build posts with pride and curse,laugh and remember the good and not so good times. It really turned out to be a work of art.

Thanks for sharing!

Eric Johnson
Millbrook, NY