GT40 Graveyard!!!

Nope, all original parts from GT40s, Cobras and some bodywork from a badly damaged 1960s Ferrari GT racing type. I could only take a few candid shots, as the owner didn't want a crowd of enthusiasts around. The find wasn't confined to bodywork, as there was a small skip (dumpster) full of engine and suspension parts. Buried in the trees and very out of sight, what looked to be rusty tubular chassis parts, probably about 4 inch diameter, and I wasn't sure what from. also at least the rusting remains of a monocoque from a Lola, I was told, but I thought those were alluminum???
I may not be an expert like some folks here, but those parts look too shiny and new looking to be original...


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How does one determine if these are originals? That blue looks fantastic for something sitting outside for years.



Shine can last. I have a GTD front clip which got damaged and replaced in 1992 and has been sitting outside ever since and it is still shiny!

4 inch tubes? Wasn't that the tube size on a cobra?


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Nice find and very interesting.
but how old is the "graveyard" ?.
Have the clips been placed there recently ?
The level of the fallen detritus appears consistent outside and inside the clips and the deterioration of the leaves only seem to be one season old. (if they were there any longer, then the leaves would have surely mulched)

Did you manage to spot any chassis number tags on the clips ?

Here's a better exposed picture.


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Oh boy... I would love to know the chassis number of that Cobra. Sure it has a "restored" clone on the road someplace. What a find!