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Hi all,
it's great to see how the "All for one and one for all" system works on this forum.
Ron, I think that this tread deserves a place on the consumer watch section ?

Brian Magee

Go to

Enlarge the photo. The person sitting at the table is one Spencer Marsh.


Can't get this to work. go to Wordwide GT40 events / got a spare 200,000 euros?

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I thought it prudent to post the contact details for Spencer Marsh as per their web site.

European Racing Organisation Ltd
7 Enterprise Park
Trent Lane
Castle Donington
Derby DE74 2PY

Telephone: 01332 811 000
International: +44 1332 811 000

Fax: 01332 391 284
International: +44 1332 391 284

E-mail: [email protected]
Hi All

E-mail from Clyde and Suzanne

G'day Chris,
On opening up the emails tonight and seeing all the replies that Ron Earp
sends you I thought HELL now I have done it!!
However just couldn't believe what I read.
I have just sent David an email thanking him, but also saying that we have
no consignment note or anything of anykind for if and when the parts arrive.
So I guess we just wait until the 26th give a day or two and see what
happens. If nothing does then it is in for the kill!!!!!
I still have a funny feeling that now he knows we are on his case he has
just said that to keep us at bay??? Like to think I maybe wrong. Will keep
in touch, and roll on 26th Jan.
Clyde is on 4-midnight this evening but when he comes in I know this will
cheer him up no end. Maybe light at the end of the tunnel yet?
I must send an email off to Neil and tell him to check out the Forum, but he
is probably doing so when he can. So long as he hasn't gone off on a wild
goose chase.

David Morton

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We are still waiting for you to join in this debate and give us answers about your conduct.
There are more and more questions that are being raised about your integrity and similar questions for those at GTD who were deemed as your management.
Why are you now attempting to ask people to part with more money? Does this company you were 'representing' at the Autosport Show have any connection with Roaring Forties which has a seperate heading on this website? or is it a name you and others picked out of a hat? Tell us all what you told me at the show, and subsequently Chris Melia, about why you want to put GTD behind you and get on with the rest of your life.
Do you know about 'black balling' and how you could avoid it by truthfully answering so many questions that are raised against you and others in management at GTD?
Who are you protecting by remaining silent if you want to put all this behind you?
You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially quite a lot to gain by telling some truths here on this site. If you dont,
I know that so many people reading this website will spread your name far and wide,
and I doubt you will ever manage to get back into anything meaningful to do with cars and sales or anything so associated.
Its in your court now -but only for so long and then I and others will step up again.

G,day all, ref; Spencer
I'm Clyde and Suzannes son,
and Im about to TRY and confirm if Mum and Dads parts are really on there way !!! call me sceptical but I to have my doubts, as Ive taken a couple of days off this coming week to go visiting, here's where I need your help again, so far Ive got 4 different address's thats not including the 2 new address's for his roaring forties business as the one on the card he gave David is different from the website, (also as a matter of interest the mobile phone no. on the card he gave you David belongs to some bloke who works for cadbury schweppes, at least thats what I was told today when I rang it)
anyway if anyone can either confirm any of these address's are possibilities or not I would be gratefull,
unit 2
kingsbury rd
Sutton Coldfield
unit 12b
Gorsey lane
Coleshill ind est
c/o dpc Vernon rd
32 Brook st
my friend has a meeting with Trading standards on Momday morning with everything we have gathered so far , Me, I like the more direct approach,
wish me luck

David Morton

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Chris M might still have the mobile number in his register when Marsh rang him whilst at the NEC.
I'll do some more digging tomorrow and if necessary I'll go up to the address during the week and see what gives. I'll take my brother with me as well. He hates things like this !!!! It may be worth asking the police at the NEC to check him out as well.

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REST EASY. I have just got off the phone from Robert Logan who is down the beach and he has confirmed that he has no relationship whatever with this Spencer Marsh or his Roaring Forties endeavour in the UK. Regards

David Morton

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Thank you so much for your posting.
I guess the time honoured phrase is 'the plot thickens'.
I think that this latest information from you should be also posted to the top of the general GT40 heading for everybody that might not visit this thread to see and thereby be warned.
I wonder if CAV have involved themselves as well. Somehow I think they might have some clear water between themselves and Marsh/Roaring Forties Ltd. even if they were selling cars.
Thank you again. I'm sure Clyde and Suzanne in NZ are becoming a little bemused by this latest.
Dave M
When our son Neil came up with 4 different addresses that was in itself hard to comprehend.
G,day all
Found the stand at the N.E.C but no Spencer, a Mr Nigel Wordsworth told me he hasn't been on the stand since Thurs, but he remembers Spencer saying (in passing) that a shipment of parts had left for N.Z but wasn't there yet, not surprisingly he didn't know the shipping company either, but I did get another mobile number for Spencer which I will try tomorrow.

If your parts are on the way to you this should be easily verified with a bill of lading and a consignment no. If Spencer Marsh cannot provide you with this information you should not wait and take legal action as suggested by some members.
You should not wait to find out in a few weeks time that your parts were never despatched and Mr. Spencer Marsh has dissapeared.

David Morton

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Good try - this guy seems to be 'more slippy than a butchers dog'. I would hazard a guess
that the undesirable attention that he was attracting on the stand at the NEC was probably raising his heckles, and his profile as well which is something he would not want. Where do you go from here? Email me at [email protected] if I can be of help.
You may be able to track the ships that are arriving in Auckland on or about that time and given the nature of the information, I imagine the various shipping companies will verify from the Bill of Lading if your father's spares are on board or not, as Gweitzel just said on the previous post. I would doubt if they have been air freighted.
The numbers I got from Marsh's card are
07787 709987
Dave Morton

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A group of us from the GT40 Enthusiasts Club also had a chat with Spencer at the show last Thursday. He didn't know who we were and in the conversation he was casually asked various questions about the history of GTD during which he said he only worked there and didn't know who owned the company. When Roger Marsh's name was mentioned, he said ' oh, thats my father'. He then realised we perhaps knew more than he had thought and ended the discussion! I suspect we weren't the first to collar him that day.

As far as our friends who are waiting for parts or who are owed money are concerned though, I assume that they did their business with GTD Supercars, rather than with Spencer Marsh or any other individual person directly. If that is the case, then whatever the moral position is, I suspect that it is GTD ( the company) that owes them, rather than Spencer or any other employee personnaly.

According to the Companies House Website, , GTD Supercars are in LIQUIDATION. As I understand it, 'liquidation' means that the company is being voluntarily wound up, all debts settled etc., by the owners. ( I think this is different to 'receivership' where a company is wound up by a receiver because it can no longer trade legally because there are money problems etc. in which case a claim would have to be lodged with the official receiver).

I'm afraid I don't know any more about this process, but others may be able to advise.

So, I suggest Clyde etc makes contact and registers a claim with GTD sooner rather than later to make sure they get what is owed before the liquidation is complete.

The registered address of GTD Supercars is 32 Brook Street, Warwick, CV34 4BL so any letter sent to that address ( by recorded delivery? ) should have some legal effect in establishing a claim.

The company number is 03735585.

Incidently, Spencer did say that a chap called Nigel Wordsworth was behind Roaring Forties Limited. The registered address is 4 Shirley Close, Castle Donnington, Derby, DE74 2XB. Phone number 01332 811000, mobile 07970 103691.
According to Companies House, this company was called European Racing Organisation Limited until 18th December 2002 when it was changed to Roaring Forties Ltd. Spencer said it was purely coincidence that it was the same as Robert Logans company name! He also said that the CAV on the stand at the show was owned and imported to the UK by him personally so whether the CAV know anything about this proposed race series or not isn't clear.


As I understand it, under UK company law, there are a number of different types of corporate insolvency. These are receivership, administration and liquidation.

Receivership results where you have a secured creditor such as a bank and they look to realise as much as possible for the company's assets over which they have a legal charge, typically property and debtors.

Administration arises where a court decides to keep an insolvent company trading because it believes that it is in the best interests of the corporate stakeholders to sell the company as a going concern as opposed to an asset-by-asset disposal. This is similar to what the Americans refer to as "Chapter 11"

Then there is liquidation, of which there are 2 types. A members voluntary liquidation which is instigated by the shareholders of the company, when there is sufficient assets to discharge all of the company's creditors, and an insolvent liquidation which is usually triggered by either an unsecured creditor or by the directors of the company who are worried about being convicted of wrongful trading.

I assume that the most likely scenario given what I am hearing is that it is an insolvent liquidation scenario, and that there were no secured creditors of the company to appoint a receiver. If somebody can provide me with the contact details of the person who has been appointed as liquidator, I will find out as to what the exact situation is for the forum.

David Morton

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Try Fraud and Conspiracy to Defraud.
These are not even remotely part of
Insolvency, Liquidation, and Winding up of companies. They are immediately C.I.D.
matters and are dealt with as Criminal investigations.
We await the boat in NZ with baited breath.
SPENCER MARSH, at the NEC last thursday told me he would reply on this forum to tell his side. It's still curiously silent Spencer.
Dave Morton
Spencer returned my call gave me the details of the shipping company he used, Ive been in touch with them and they have confirmed there is a consignment from GTD to C.W & S THOMPSON in N.Z, should arrive on or around the 21st jan.lets all just hope now that they are all the parts Dad had ordered and paid for.

David Morton

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Absolutely Brilliant Neil.
I am relieved as will Chris and others be as well. Thank you for telling us.
Good luck Clyde on the rebuild.
Dave M
ECSTATIC is really the only word I can best describe at the moment. Clyde will be jumping for joy, in fact I am going to put this reply on and then get him to come and read over my shoulder as he is home. Even brought a smile to my face (should I wipe half the egg of it first)
We only wish Spenser had informed US as he had all our details of address etc., without us having to get all the willing and friendly helpers involved, to whom we are so very grateful. If you were here we could shout you all some Lion Red Stubbies (NZ beer). THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.
BUT:- keep watching for a posting around or hopefully before the end of January, that will tell the middle of the story! The end of the story is when we are able to put a photo of the second rebuild on the Forum
Suzanne and Clyde.