H Craft GT-R

H just curious about raising the front spoiler I assume you gain 3/4 of an inch overall when completed but if you have the hydraulic lift kit does it even make sense to do this work I guess personal preference
If you don't raise the splitter then then you can't drop the front where it belongs and the rake is wrong from front to back, looks funky.
No Idea where you got the 3/4" from, more like 1 1/2" the leading edge of the splitter needs to be about 3/4" above the flat plain of the bottom of the car
iirc in the post with the modifications for the splitter, you mentioned that when you mold the aft end, you raise the front 3/4" sot hat when the car is at ride height, it will be level. followed by having to cut the front valance by 1 1/2" to make the nose fit nicely onto the newly positioned splitter.
I am not saying that you have to do any of this stuff to the front end, merely passing along what I did for the look that I wanted. You have to bear in mind that in order to run the ride height/stance that I wanted I also changed out the top ball joint and steering rod end to high angle ones from "Speedway" so as not to neck out the joints, all of this has been said before on either my build, Jareds or Steves, they have all had pretty much the same treatment.
What I've posted here is what I did, hopefully it will inspire others but in now way has to be done, each to their own.
Page 14 post 269 has some relevance on the topic
Some where I posted a link to all the photos I've posted, maybe some on has that link and can re tag it here.
H.......thank you so much for going to the trouble of posting the link. As a GT-R owner, I am happy to see the sponsorship. THANK YOU!!!
H do you happen to know any of the Ford engineers with me building my car with a 2017 3.5 Ecoboost Twin Turbo I think I am the first to try and swap a Gen 2 motor so I would like to know if they plan to offer a control pack system like they offered for the crate motors.
Andy what was the issue with the transaxle and Delynn? Was it the wrong drop gears?
The transaxel is a Recado OEM fitment on the GT.
A common problem was the loss of the syncro on second gear, the trans I had had this problem so it was sent to Delynn for rebuild.
Well some three thousand dollars later and I still have the same issue, plus I had to threaten a law suit to even get the trans back after 18 months.
Not at all a good deal.
I finally plucked up the courage to take my beautiful girl apart to get the trans fixed.
During the build I'd paid 3K for a guy to rebuild the transmission, I turns out 3K and 18 months was not enough to get it done properly as it came back with the same issue it left with, a none working second gear syncro. What a waste of space that tosser turned out to be:mad:

Oh well its now off to Ron McCall who has a synco to put in her and hopefully all will be well with the whole deal.
H wow that really sucks after all that work the last thing you want to do is take it all apart again, I guess that' s why my Dad always said have a lot of patience when building I hope this will be the last time for the undo