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Hello all!

I have been asked to finish off an rcr40 and have stumbled across a slight problem. I'm getting the car to a road legal standard and it will need to go through an IVA test to do so and will obviously require a handbrake/parking brake setup of some sort. I'm struggling to find any info on what RCR supply in their handbrake optional extra and the only calipers i can find that will fit over the 30mm (1.18") wide discs are wilwoods electric parking brake caliper of which I'm reluctant to use as its not very authentic. so, my question to you is. What setups are you running if not what RCR supply? and what is used in the RCR handbrake optional extra?

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Pretty sure Wilwood make a manual/cable handbrake version of their calipers for the Rally car guys, probably more info from UK folk on these. Sorry, you would need to swap to thinner disc, only accomodates to 1""
The 'original ' GT40 used a cable that pulls on the std master cyl pushrod which is not strictly legal in some countrys, but if its OK in your country then that could be simplest option!
This is the rcr photo


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