Happy Birthday Dave Morton !!

Doug S.

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Absolutely! Happy birthday, David!

Here’s wishing you good health and many more happy birthdays, my friend!!!

Cheers from Doug! :party3: :party3:

Terry Oxandale

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Happy Birthday David. Sorry this is the best I could do:

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David Morton

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Thank you all very much although it's not until July. I really do appreciate it however. So much major surgery I didn't think I would get that far but the corner has been turned, I think. Four major ops in five days and all without General Anaesthetic. Plus a TIA in the scherotic (?) the size of my little finger.
Thank you all again. It is much appreciated.

I understand things have been rough so thought I’d try to maintain the unauthorised and extended birthday cheer.
I will now, in all likelihood, miss the actual event...