Heritage Engineering T70 Spyder

Is this anybody's dream car, like it was for me ? Anyone willing and able to take up the sword, so to speak ? This is a race car, by the way, although it has been road registered in England and retains the tax disc.
I have purchased a new race car and I do not physically have the room to store all of these cars. Sometimes we have to say "enough is enough " !

Gordon Jolley : photos : No-0607 Race Group 5, 7- powered by SmugMug
Gordon Jolley : photos : No-0605 Rolex GT Enduro- powered by SmugMug

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Johan, What's the chassis number?
I came close to buying a T70 back in the early '70's that belonged to a Denis Gilbert chassis 75/124. $ 6500.00 for everything he had; car triler and a new spare TRACO 327 engine. That's all, no other spares. It was an x Donohue car. All the SUNOCO decals were sprayed over with the blue paint. He needed money, and would sell just the car for $3500.00. I remember being disapointed because it didn't have the knock-off wheels, but bolt on wheels for sprint races. I couldn't sell my race car in time to buy the car. "One that got away"!
You could always ship it out to NZ & take a holiday in january/february each year/ race it in the SFOS series. Im sure I can think of someone who could store/mothball it & let the rockers off etc after you finish racing it each year for a small fee! I need a 'real' reason to build another garage.
Now where is that mirror.:)

Jac Mac
Not too bad an idea really, but the problem is that it costs almost as much to race a car once a year as it does to race it 6 times, exclusive of fuel and lodging etc.
A race car that just sits around is never as dependable as one that gets a fair amount of use.
We call this our Sebring car because I shared it with John Paul Jr. during the vintage portion of the 2006 12 hours of Sebring. I qualified the car 27th out of about 42 cars, got down to 21st, handed off to John and he finished 3rd (beat by 2 McLarens).
Never had so much fun !
Yes, you have to develop a 'different' mindset on prep for this kind of racing. The TVR I helped prep always seemed to have something which needed looked at prior to the season, not the normal stuff like timing etc, but you have to go looking for the unusual stuff like wiring connections etc. Its amazing how many cars drop out of the races in this series for stupid stuff like kinked fuel lines, bad electricals, wheelbrgs, seized calipers- real basic stuff that nobody seems to be able to diagnose on the day.
The running of the three or four meetings on consecutive weekends mandates that you have your prep in order-not much fun trying to procure a 3/8" +0.060"push rod in Timaru on a saturday afternoon. What could be fixed in the shop in an hour can spin out to days.

Jac Mac
I agree 100% ! My point is that a car that is run on a regular basis works its way through those issues in a few events and then gradually becomes dependable, to the point that the only items that end up failing are those you would least expect ! Typical ! Half the fun of racing I should say : the comraderie involved in last minute complex repairs done with common race track trash.
could this "commom race track stuff" be rolls of duct tape and pop rivets? Held my car together more than once!
Yes, but realize that the Bardahl Special has a coolant puke tank fabricated from
a plastic zerex coolant jug found in the Lord March's trash.
Thanks Cliff and Randy,
I've been thinking, ever since I made the original post, what I should ask for this car
and the truth (problem) is that I don't want to sell it, and it is clouding my judgment. I'm not trying to be coy, but I love this car. I just do not have anyplace to keep it any longer. Now as far as where it is....
The car , like all race cars should, gets a rebuild about every 25 hours of race time. Every component is looked at and rebuilt or replaced where required. At least, this is the goal....!
The car is in Florida up on a surgery table in the shop with no engine or transmission installed, as these items have been removed to rebuild them. In the course of deciding what engine to put back in the car (I have several options) and what transmission to use (Hewland for racing or ZF for street use), it dawned on me that it will be perhaps 2 years before I have a chance to race this car again. Maybe I should sell it and if so, what would the new owner want to put in it ?
I am offering it to the forum as I would like to see something come of the car and
feel it would be most appreciated here. I suppose it is possible to somehow make this a street car. But why ?
The car is a race car first and foremost. It did very well in the British retro Sports and Gt race series in the early 1990s with overall wins at Spa and others, and I believe an overall win in the series in general. Like I said, John Paul Jr. and I drove it in the SVRA vintage support race during the 2006 12 Hours of Sebring and it did very well on that bumpy track. We last ran it with HSR at the Walter Mitty Challenge last April, and DNFed due to a broken input shaft to the Hewland DG300 (finally happened ) ! 680 hp caught up to me after racing it for several years (that is how long it takes to get to 25 hours race time) and I'm not sure any of the previous owners ever swapped it out(the input shaft) based on time run. We have now rebuilt the trans, which was in excellent condition other than the snapped shaft, and I am debating what engine (hp wise) to put in the car.

I can sell it three ways with several options.

As it sits it has no engine or trans installed.
It is set up for a Small Block Chevy. We ran about 130 hp more than needed at the 680.
It has CV joint axles and big AP brakes, all in good condition.
It has LOG books for HSR Group 5 (cars with lights, seats and doors like Porsche RSR and XKE and older Corvettes and it is really fast for this group so it could run in Group 7 as well on slicks) and SVRA Group 5 (Non winged sports racers on treaded tires, such as GT40 and Porsche 910 and T70 3b, as well as Lotus 23 and Chevrons and Lola 2 liter Sports racers without wings). There is always NASA...

I bought not just the car but the whole series of THREE cars so included in the sale or sold separately if nobody wants the race car would be two extra chassis, one of which was a running car at some point, as well as a spare body, uprights, suspension, jigs, patterns, wheels, etc.
Certainly a start on another car in spares.

The car could be sold as is with the spares for less than $100,000
The car could be sold with the DG300 for more than $100,000
The car could be sold as a turnkey race car, price depends on engine selection and schedule.

That is as far as I have made it with the decision, but let me say this: If you feel that you could put this car to good use, use the extra chassis and body and uprights to make another car, and really enjoy this car the way it is meant to be enjoyed, then I will try hard to make it work out for you. If, on the other hand, it becomes obvious that a potential purchaser would not do well with this car and get in over his head, then the sale will just not happen. This will make sense to those of you that race. For instance, I feel that the purchaser of this car should have some track experience prior to just stepping into this thing and pressing the gas. :)
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You can see it on the table in the background ....
My new race car is in the foreground. I must keep them separated or they will fight like the bitches that they are! Please forgive me for posting pictures of my stuff, but I am a proud Papa.
I have SUCH a car sickness. How many of you feel the same ?


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Your car makes me wish I had won the lotto last night. Very nice car and reasonably proced for what it is.

Good luck with your sale.
While I cannot afford to purchase this, and it is a very nice car, I do have a request. It may have thread drift but could you post more pictures of your new car somewhere? She sure is purrrttty.
Thanks Kevin ! This link tells all about the 962... chassis #119
Having looks at this car should help to explain the sacrifices I am making with the other cars,
but it has been a dream of mine for a long time to have this particular car.

1986 Porsche 962C

It has a big hair dryer under the bonnet for some reason....

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Hi Johan,
Was the car at infineon raceway a couple of years ago for the vintage race series? My two boys and I were there on the friday before the race, and the older son had a blue t-shirt on that matched the car, and was invited to sit in it. I don't know if this was you, but thanks if it was.

I took a bunch of pictures that day that I am looking for so I can post. Can't seem to find them....