Hi from Dubai

Hi Guys,

Just a short introduction. UK Guy living in Dubai, for too many years and looking to leave within the next 6 months.

Raced Formula Ford 1600 in UK 1978/1979, XR2 Ford Credit Fiestas and Saab Turbo before moving to Dubai 12 years ago, competing for 5 years in a Radical SR5 and also a Radical SR8, ending my racing, with a Maserati Gran Turismo MC in the UAE GT Championship.

Have Built and owned, a Crendon Cobra 427sc in UK back in 2002, currently awaiting an ERA 289FIA to be delivered and now researching GT40 options to build.

I will have some really stupid questions relating to the GT40, so please bear with me!



Stephen Ducker

Welcome David,

You can use the search function for many of the popular things that get asked, and there's a lot of really experienced builders on here who are always helpful with questions.
Plus in the UK there is the GT40 Enthusiasts Club too.

Regards Steve