Identify this car and people?

Mike Drew

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Hi Guys,

Check out this old photo. I believe that is a Ford behind the wheel of Old 999, and for sure that is Jim Clark in the Lotus-Ford. But who is the guy with the GT40. And which car is that?


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Pretty sure that is NOT HFII. It looks like the display at the New York Worlds Fair, I was there and recall the Lotus and 999 but there was no Gt40 when we attended.. I have searched this photo but can't find a large enough one for my old eyes to I.D. the GT guy.

Mike Drew

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Bingo! I knew I recognized the driver of 999--Colin Chapman of Lotus. Well-done sir. And yes, that is almost assuredly Don Frey by the GT40. Photo taken right after the '65 Indy 500 which helps narrow down the date of the car....
used my buddies at the Pentagon to zoom in on that

Robert Mcnamara, ford president

McNamara was Secretary of Defense from 1961 to 1968 and he had a 'slicked-down" hairstyle with a different part so I doubt that he would be posing for a Ford promo picture in 1965, he was a little bogged down in this thing called 'Vietnam"......