individual Weber screens

If you want the person responsible for balancing your throttles to continue to love you, you could use a quick-release type setup similar to that which I've devised. The "stretch-strap" is removed and the "filter" flips back in seconds.
Now if kitchen utensils aren't strange enough for use on a GT40, does anyone want to guess what the "stretch-straps" are? :D


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Doc Watson

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I used to use those to keep my lightweight trousers in the correct position for inspection in the field.... some people use them to keep troser legs away from bicycle chains....

That is a cool way of doing it...

So now I've moved onto looking in camping shops and army surplus stores... Although I'm picking up my daughter for tea in a minute and she might go home minus a hairband...... This thread is turning into a Monty Python sketch...

Doug, I use 0.008" strings.... im a lightweight....
I would guess that there would be some measurable difference, but its not something that I can notice from the seat of the car. The main reason that I came up with the "quick release" setup incidentally was to remove the "filters" on track days (the car is mainly used on the road) but horse-power doesn't seem to be a issue. So they now come off for a clean or a tune only.

PS. yes they are hair bands. No girlies in the family so I just had to go into the girlie section of the store myself... at least they weren't all pink.
Was installing the tea strainers on my TWM injectors. I kept thinking how to attach them. I was considering safety wire, but didn't want to have the twist exposed to catch the fingers when adjusting the linkage etc. Didn't like the glue or calking idea. Then It came to me once I had removed the retainer with a dremel tool. The hole is the same size as a small rivet. Popped a hole on the oposite side and it was an easy attachment. The rivet is probably a 1/4" lenght grip, which is probably longer than needed. I had rather be a little long than short with these. If it works loose it won't come completely off. The TWM units have a full roll at the lip and the rivet is hidden from view.



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Dimi Terleckyj

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I have always been of the opinion that I would prefer my rivet to be a little longer than too short, but thats life!!!!!!!

Brian Stewart
How about this for a simple solution to affixing your tea strainers/tea balls to you Weber or injection trumpets? I used 76-77mm (3inch) heat shrink cut into 15mm lengths. It’s available in a variety of colours (black, white, blue, red and clear), although the clear stuff is apparently not flame retardant. There is no drilling of holes, no sticky stuff (unless you use the glued lined heat shrink that is also available) and it’s easily removed and replaced if necessary. Fitting it is tricky at first, but once you’ve sussed out the procedure it’s easy. Simply pre-shrink a little until the tube fits snugly over the end of the trumpet. Fit the screen and then continue shrinking. Adjust for fit and alignment while the heat shrink is still warm. Once set it is very secure.

Of course, it goes without saying that trumpets should be removed from carbs with fuel in rather then using a heat gun near them…..




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I will not use individual screens but instead the early Weber filter boxes shown below. (bottom section of the box)

The other photo is a ready made ring clamp.


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Iv'e found with a little stretching, the rubber rings used to hold the flat screens like shown in Brian's photo above, work fine to hold the tea strainer rims as well.


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No offence taken.

The ring clamp photo was just to continue the empirical thinking.
I am sure it's easy to tool up to make a less expensive version of that part.
For example a tube bead former will roll the inner rings easily.

I do have one concern however and that is whatever you fit please make sure it won't come loose and foul your throttle mechanism.
One ofthe dilemas that has been hinted at but not fully addressed is the fact that it has been proven that the majority of the injested air comes from the outer edge of the velocity stack or carburetor mouth and not from directly above. The standard Weber stack with its "Sharp edge" promotes a shearing effect for the air being ingested, and reducing the diameter of the opening with the rubber rings or creating any sort of a "Dam" at the outer edge will cause the problem to be manifested.


Thank you Bill

This type of stack design will promote the better flow rates than the OEM stack before the screen is added. The ring that is at the outer circumfrence of the screen inhibits any benefit from the stacks superior design.
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Re: Individual Weber/TWM Screens

I've been reading this thread with great interest for some months now with an eye to finding some solution for my TWM 'nostalgia' velocity stacks other than the soda-can style filters that Roush and others use. My concern regarding the tea strainer route has been over whether they will filter out sand, grit, and the like.

The car is a few weeks from being delivered, and since Olthoff Racing was displaying my car at Barrett-Jackson – about an hour from home – I decided to try the same fellow UK Tony mentioned (Bob of BBR Filters: (586) 883-0942; eBay Store - bills-b-racing72:). He makes a nice product, custom fit to your stack, and uses a tea strainer-sized mesh that envelopes a micro-sized mesh that is supposed to filter out anything larger than two strands of human hair. Nice compromise.

Well, he delivered them in a couple of days (at $39 a pair + shipping). I drove up and installed them, and the consensus is that they look great and will probably breath better than the perorated disks with sponge-like filter material that came with the injection system. I'll follow-up after Dennis has dyno-tuned the engine. Anyway, take a look for yourselves – I've attached a photo I took earlier today of the engine bay.


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Re: Individual Weber/TWM Screens

Here are some other photos of the engine bay with the new screens:


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I ended up putting air filters on my cobra's motor.

I have 9 Redline screens ( Rubber seal/Foam/screen ) for sale if anyone wants them. They were on my 48 IDF's.

$80 Shipped to lower 48.