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Is your GT40 safe? It looks like the eye wall collapsed this evening. Hopefully a good turn of events.


'Spoke' to Jack a couple of days ago, he's socked in with 350 gallons of gas his neighbour kindly loaned him for his genset.

He expected today to be the worst as he is in the front line. Hope to hear from him soon.

As always, GT40 fans, keep safe.. :thumbsup:
Storm has passed Daytona now. Mostly wind damage and a few tornados here and there. All safe here in the warehouse, no gt40s in peril! ;0). Stay healthy my friends!! S
Just a quick update. Here in Central Fl a lot of us don't have electricity. We lost ours Sunday night around 9pm. Most major roads in the Orlando area are in good shape. Had to go to work this morning and the I4 corridor was moving well. Temps will be in the mid to upper 80s today, back over 90 starting tomorrow. That will suck without a/c.
I'm reading that loads of people in several states have died or suffered great injury from carbon monoxide poisoning from running gas-powered generators indoors.

It's very sad, and astonishing to me that people could be so dumb. The really sad thing is that many of the victims are innocent children.

I have three carbon monoxide detectors plugged in to wall outlets in various regions of my house. You should too....


Yes you can't fix stupid Mike. It's a popular past time here in the U.K. to drag the dying embers of your disposable BBQ inside the camping tent for warmth. Once again, young kids seem to be the main victims. Fortunately, warnings are now emblazoned on the cartons of these things and i just hope people bother to read it.
All okay here, no damage.
Was well prepared.
No power, phones, etc. for six days. Restored around 5:00PM this afternoon.
Had a small generator to keep the refrigerator and freezer running, but it was rather unpleasantly warm.